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Palestinians search for victims under the rubble of a destroyed building in Gaza City’s Rimal residential district following massive Israeli bombardment on the Hamas-controlled enclave. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images

The outbreak in a number of Israeli cities of sectarian intercommunal street attacks, Jews on Palestinians and Palestinians on Jews, has injected a ne(...)

Smoke billows after an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City targeted the Ansar compound, linked to the Hamas movement. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty

Twenty-seven days before the first rocket was fired from Gaza this week, a squad of Israeli police officers entered the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, b(...)

A policeman stands on rubble from a building housing the Associated Press office and other media in Gaza City that was destroyed after Israeli warplanes demolished it on Saturday. Photograph: Hatem Moussa/AP

With the death toll in Gaza from Israeli air strikes approaching 200, including more than 50 children, Israeli prime minster Binyamin Netanyahu has do(...)

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, blaming Hamas for starting nearly a week of hostilities by firing rockets at Israel, said on Saturday Israe(...)

An Israeli air strike on Gaza City. Prime minister  Binyamin Netanyahu says  Israel has no plans on relenting in its attacks against Hamas in Gaza. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP via Getty Images

With apartment buildings falling like houses of cards in Gaza, rockets striking Israeli towns and sectarian violence spreading across the Jewish state(...)

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas  speaking during an emergency meeting of the Fatah Central Committee and the PLO Executive Committee in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah on May 12th. Photograph:  Abbas Momani/AFP via Getty Images

The exchanges of rockets, bombs and shells between Israel and Gaza have exposed the impotence of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, which can (...)

Members of a Palestinian family on a carriage pulled by a donkey in Beit Lahya in the northern Gaza Strip, as they flee Israeli air and artillery strikes to a safer location. Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP via Getty Images

After days of heavy Israeli air strikes, and then intensifying artillery fire, some terrified residents of north Gaza are not waiting to see if there (...)

Smoke rises following Israeli missile strikes on Gaza City, Thursday, May 13th, 2021. Photograph: Khalil Hamra/AP

Violence erupted across the West Bank on Friday with at least 10 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli troops. The West Bank, ruled by president(...)

US president Joe Biden: Said on Thursday that he did not think there had been an overreaction by Israel towards the Palestinians. Photograph: TJ Kirkpatrick/The New York Times

When Joe Biden assumed the US presidency in January he indicated that his first priority would be domestic concerns, primarily the coronavirus pandemi(...)

Israeli ambassador Ophir Kariv:  said it was “very surprising and very disappointing” that “totally destructive” attacks on Israel were coming out of Ireland. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Israel’s ambassador to Ireland has accused some Irish politicians of spewing “hate” towards the Jewish state, in a heated row over the latest flare-up(...)

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