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Santa Claus is coming: With about a billion houses to visit, and the typical distance between neighbouring houses being 10m, it is estimated that Santa will have to travel 10 million kilometres on Christmas Eve

How far must Santa travel on Christmas Eve? At a broad scale, he visits all the continents. In more detail he travels to every country. Zooming in, he(...)

There is little agreement among experts as to what is the maximum population that the environment can sustain on Earth. Photograph: Getty

The population division of the United Nations marked October 31st, 2011, as the “Day of Seven Billion”. The world population is now above that figure (...)

We live on a spherical Earth, so we cannot travel a straight-line path: we have to stick to the surface of the globe. Photograph: Thinkstock

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This is one of the basic principles of Euclidean geometry. But we live on a spherical Ear(...)

Quessia Dessaless from Rutland National School, Dublin, with a maze illustrating the concept of probability. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

With the new school year beginning, teachers are looking for opportunities to enrich the education of their pupils. Next month the eighth annual Maths(...)

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