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 Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar: “These figures suggest that the Gathering has got off to a strong start.”

The Gathering has significantly boosted tourism figures so far this year from North America and continental Europe, Fáilte Ireland stati(...)

More than 57 per cent of pupils attending all-Irish schools enrolled in higher education courses that year

Two-thirds of students who attend fee-paying secondary schools go on to higher level education, compared to about 40 per cent of students from (...)

The Government is trying to change the focus of the economy. Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Richard Bruton is hoping a model based on endeavo(...)

Butcher Sean Basey works behind a “no horsemeat” sign at Bates Butchers in Market Harborough,  England in February. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters.

The European Commission proposed more unannounced inspections of food companies and tougher fines for labelling fraud today, after the discover(...)

Malaysia’s prime minister and Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Razak arriving at UMNO headquarters yesterday in Kuala Lumpur. Photograph: Nicky Loh/Getty Images

Malaysia’s ruling coalition took an early lead in exit polls in national elections yesterday, with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s alliance b(...)

Queen guitarist Brian May said the experience of badger culling in Ireland has shown that the process does not work.

Queen guitarist Brian May has described the Irish policy of culling badgers as “utterly laughable” and has vowed to help those(...)

The Ukip threat
  • UK
  • May 5, 2013, 15:26

The spectacular success of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) in capturing almost a quarter of the votes in last Thursday’s local ele(...)

Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food Simon Coveney said he would exepedite the establishment of the equine database. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

The Government is to expedite the establishment of a central equine database in the wake of the horse meat in burgers scandal. Minister for Agr(...)

Before Facebook: how social networks used to look. Photograph: Jeffrey Coolidge/Iconica/Getty

There’s an episode of Friends from 10 years ago in which Ross shows Chandler something on h(...)

Free Syrian Army fighters prepare a mortar in Sidi Meqdad area in the suburbs of Damascus, this week. The US government is rethinking its opposition to armingSyrian rebels, President Barack Obama’s defence chief has said. Photograph: Ward Al-Keswani/Reuters

The United States is rethinking its opposition to arming the Syrian rebels, President Barack Obama’s defence chief has said, even as Mr Obama h(...)

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