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Parents and guardians should keep other factors in mind besides academic achievement when choosing a school for their child. Photograph: iStock

Click here to download the full 2020 Feeder School tables Critics of feeder school data contend that there is so much more to a school than(...)

To ensure the greatest possible degree of accuracy and fairness, The Irish Times uses a standardised system to compile this list. Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

The Irish Times 2020 feeder school list, published today, aims to provide parents with a snapshot of information about how many students from each sch(...)

Despite the unique challenges the class of 2020 faced, grades awarded through the calculated grades process were over 4 per cent higher than 2019 levels. Photograph: Getty Images

Click here to download the full 2020 Feeder School tables or search using the table in this article. If you are reading this on The Irish Ti(...)

Jennifer O’Connell took the award in the “National Print/ Online” category for a piece headlined: ‘I blamed myself for not wanting it enough’ – Untold tales of pregnancy loss.

The Irish Times claimed the top prize in two categories at the 2020 Headline Mental Health Media Awards on Wednesday – which recognise excellence in t(...)

Photograph: iStock

Open days have always been a feature of choosing a course, but the threat of Covid-19 has effectively closed campuses to visitors, with third levels m(...)

Virtual Open Days can make it easier for parents to be  involved in the process.

Would you welcome your parents tagging along to an open day? Or would you be more likely to say: “please go away, you’re embarrassing me”? Over the (...)

The UCD food ball

For many students, the social side of college life overshadows academics. College is where you meet your tribe. In school, friendships may be based o(...)

There are over 4,000 courses available so whatever you are interested in will probably have a college, Post Leaving Cert or apprenticeship course linked to it. Photograph: iStock

Asking someone in their late teens to settle on a college course doesn’t mean committing to a particular career, says Neil McCann, a career guidance t(...)

The social side of college may not  be the same, but young people are resilient and resourceful at coming up with new ways of connecting.

What will college be like in 2021? The class of 2021 – who may or may not sit the traditional Leaving Cert exam next June – are, along with the rest o(...)

How many further and higher education options do students have?

Choosing a college course is one decision – where to do it is a whole other question. But, with Covid-19 upending so much about further and higher edu(...)

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