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The idea is a relatively simple one: why not rent a charger from someone who has one at their home?

While sales of electric vehicles are actually up in Ireland this year, providing one of the very few bright spots in an otherwise relentlessly gloomy (...)

Rolls Royce Ghost: An ambulatory work of art.

It is difficult, at this level, to make a value judgment. When the car from which you have just alighted costs more (much, much more) than the price o(...)

Volvo XC40 T5 plug-in hybrid

It’s a measure of just how far Volvo has come in the past two decades that at one time a twin-test such as this would not have been a runner. A new BM(...)

There is still a significant barrier to electric car ownership. Photograph: PA Wire

While we currently fret over charging times, the reliability of the public charging network, and the ever-hovering spectre of range anxiety, there is (...)

New Hyundai Tucson: dramatic redesign is most in evidence at the front

With Irish car buyers tending towards conservatism, it’s little wonder that the Hyundai Tucson became such a best-seller in this country. Plain in sty(...)

All of the received wisdom had it that Skoda’s new Octavia would be more expensive. The fact that it would become larger, more luxurious, more stuffed(...)

The wings fold up in a demonstration of the Terrafugia “Flying Car” during the first day of press previews at the New York International Automobile Showon April 4, 2012 in New York. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP via Getty Images

2020 is one of those years. No, not in that sense (well, obviously in that sense but that’s not what we’re talking about here…). No, 2020 is one of th(...)

The Skoda Enyaq will go on sale here, starting in April 2021

The new Enyaq is not quite Skoda’s first electric car. That honour actually goes to the battery-powered version of the small Citigo hatchback, which w(...)

The Grand California is a VW van that’s been turned into a mobile home on wheels

I guess the problem is that we’ve all become, in our heads, American. We’ve become so subsumed into the Sky Atlantic/Netflix/Amazon Prime culture that(...)

Does the GLB do enough, though, to invalidate the appeal of the GLA or GLC? Well, not quite

You do kind of wonder if Mercedes-Benz might just have broken its own model line-up with the new GLB SUV. Mostly because, once you’ve seen it and once(...)

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