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Plug-in hybrids are seen as both a possible solution and a hindrance to reducing carbon emissions. Photograph: iStock

In the race to bring CO2 motoring emissions down to zero, one type of car is being touted equally as a potential solution to all ills and as an evil (...)

Audi’s Formula-E racing driver Lucas Di Grassi has been testing the e-Tron GT during development and is very enthusiastic about it. ‘The car’s grip and precision in cornering are definitely very impressive,’ he told The Irish Times.

You couldn’t get more of a traditional performance car right now than an Audi R8. A hip-high, ground-hugging shape. Two seats. And 10 cylinders creati(...)

This short-wheelbase model is, surely, the Defender as she is meant to be spoken.

If it looks right, it is right. Right? Well, if it truly is the case that function can follow form as easily as the reverse, then the Land Rover Defen(...)

I think it’s unquestionable that this P300e will rapidly become the best-selling Evoque, and likely  the best-selling Land Rover model

For a company that gets a fair bit of kicking from environmental activists, Land Rover is actually doing better than you might think on the carbon-emi(...)

The Mazda MX-30 has a range of 200km on a single charge, or about 265km if you’re driving exclusively around town

It took us slightly less than a century to go from creating, and then loving, the car, from constantly upgrading its power and performance to realisin(...)

Toyota Yaris: Well-worked evolution of a popular supermini, but larger 1.5-litre engine seems the better buy while hybrid makes most sense. Facing stiff competition from impressive rivals.

It’s understandable if motorists feel put upon these days. In the biggest spending budget in the history of the State, smokers and motorists were the (...)

The Land Rover Defender: “Finished on the stunt course, I plod back to base. I think I’ve covered myself more in mud than glory, and Commander Bond remains elusively un-caught.”

It stands tall against a background of green grass, intimidatingly black all over. Arguably more intimidating again thanks to Russian number plates. (...)

Karting remains a relatively Covid-friendly activity, and one that you can have great fun with

Is driving in terminal decline? Even though such car makers as Porsche and Mazda have promised that they’ll have to have steering wheel prised from th(...)

You can have the Berlingo in two wheelbases  4.4m (14.4ft) long, with five seats and a large boot or a longer 4.75m.

If, as many posit, the coronavirus crisis is our generation’s equivalent of the second World War, then – assuming that history to an extent repeats – (...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe is expected to take his lead for motoring issues from the Tax Strategy Group proposals. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

For decades now, the Irish motor trade has been banging one consistent drum. Reduce the cost of Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). Originally, that was c(...)

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