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KEEPING CALM, KEEPING ACTIVE 1: Chill out with Ten Percent Happier Live We are living in anxiety-inducing times and it is vital that we take care of(...)

When your mother has just died, you can’t just dump that on every single person you come across on Tinder. But I know that I have to tell people I have the potential to become romantically involved with.

Being in your 20s is hard. You’re simultaneously trying to start your life, build a career, maintain a good balance between work and play, all while t(...)

Mario Kart 8: you can’t have a games list without at least one Mario game on it and this one unites all types of gamers

What video games made a lasting impact on you? When you think of the hours spent in front of your games console or PC – and now mobile devices – in th(...)

Lily Stevens (14) from Ballyvolane, Cork, is 14 loves Harry Potter. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Fourteen-year-old Lily Stevens may be from Cork – but she belongs to Gryffindor House. Like many other teenagers, Lily loves Harry Potter. She has rea(...)

Emma Donoghue: “My advice to anyone with an eating disorder would be don’t try and deal with it on your own. Talk to anyone, a friend, a teacher, a parent or a professional. Get that stress off your chest.”

It would be far too simplistic to say that not liking Harry Potter as a child was the start of Emma Donoghue’s problems, but it is something that came(...)

Superhero therapy was founded by Janina L Scarlet. ‘The goal of superhero therapy is to help the client become the heroes of their own journey,’ she says. Photograph: iStock

Wearing a cape, emulating the heroes we admire and vie to be, is something most of us have done from a young age. Becoming Superman or Wonder Woman as(...)

“Investing in some board games is a great way to connect and experience some shared joy.” Photograph: iStock

This year might be the tipping point where parents finally say no to little heads buried in tablets and touchscreens for the duration of the Christmas(...)

Philip Lynch grew up in Finea, Co Westmeath.

I suppose I should’ve known better. But one morning, back in July, my daughter and I walked the short walk to our old house in rural Ireland. I was qu(...)

Carmel Breathnach with her Dad: ‘I believed I belonged in America. But I also belonged with Dad, the person who loved me unfailingly.’

Huddled together on the beige couch, my 85-year-old father and I sat with the Irish Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter agu(...)

Cool Planet Experience at Powerscourt House, Co Wicklow. Previous winners of the ‘Thea’ award include Titanic Belfast and Harry Potter studio.

Cool Planet Experience, an Irish tourist attraction in Powerscourt House, Co Wicklow, has won a top international award previously claimed by Titanic (...)

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