El Salvador

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Archbishop Oscar Romero: seen by many as a martyr, he was assassinated after asking El Salvadorean soldiers to obey God’s law

has approved the beatification process of the late archbishop of El Salvador Oscar Romero. Gunned down in a small hospital chapel in Sa(...)

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before he became pope

Deep divisions between the conservative Argentine province of the Jesuits, for long headed by Fr Jorge Mario (...)

Candle-lit memorial shrine to Bishop Oscar Romero, murdered in El Salvador in 1998, in the Church of Notre Dame in Bruges. Photograph: Peter Murtagh

The Dutch, Belgian and northeastern parts of France through which Carl Clancy rode his motorcycle in November 1912 were sho(...)

Denis O’Brien

Denis O’Brien is seeking to raise another $300 million (€230 million) via a bond offering for the Caribbean and America(...)

A chara, – You take the opportunity of the untimely and tragic death of Chávez to pen an editorial that repeats the same lies and assertions ma(...)

Kary Purdy outside his shop, Coffeeangel, on South Anne Street Dublin. Photograph: Frank Miller

I ’m standing in a small room off the Lisbon Road in Belfast and about to cup. My host, Hugh Gilmartin from Specialist Beverages, says we are r(...)

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