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 Budapest’s Sziget music festival is on an island in the Danube River

Sónar Barcelona, Spain, June 12th-14th There’s no shortage of music festivals to choose from in and around Barcelona, but Sónar might be (...)

Gary Barlow:  makes One Direction look like Maoist revolutionaries

Thank God for Lily Allen. She was the first, and so far only, musician to call Gary Barlow out for plunging tens of millions into a tax avoidance sche(...)

Fox pop: Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes: “I never, ever would have done ‘Clarity’ if I didn’t think it was good. I have my own music and style. I haven’t used ‘Clarity’ to heighten my profile. I’ve let it be and gone back to my own stuff”

Louisa Rose Allen is a firm believer in fate. The young woman behind Foxes – her electro-indie alias – almost ditched a career in music for one in bea(...)

Iceland has more musicians and bands per capita than any other country in the world. With a population not much bigger than that of Co Galway, Icel(...)

Rebecca Storm: ‘TV shows weren’t cruel back then, but watching X Factor today can make you uncomfortable.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

In 1984, on a wet February morning, Rebecca Storm took a bus from Leeds to Manchester’s Palace Theatre. A huge queue snaked around the block. Like the(...)

(From left) Nick O’Malley, Alex Turner, Jamie Cook and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys who lead the field for this year’s NME Awards with eight nominations. Photograph: PA

Arctic Monkeys lead the field for this year’s NME Awards with eight nominations. The annual music bash sees the Sheffield quartet competing for(...)

Being able to hold a tune at this time of year comes in very handy. You don’t mind being cajoled to join in Silent Night on every street corner. Nor a(...)

There’s actually an interesting race for this year’s Christmas No 1 song. The tune is normally the preserve of hysterical reality TV stars enjoying th(...)

Here’s a real First World problem. Some of Arcade Fire’s fans got themselves into a tizzy when the band asked them last week to “please wear formal at(...)

In a year that has seen prominent broadcasters return after long hiatuses – Ivan Yates and John Murray spring to mind – last week witnessed surely the(...)

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