After the excitement of a property boom, the crisis in banking and the departure of the troika, what next? The general population may now be faced wit(...)

A year of public renewal

We may be in the midst of winter but perhaps we can begin to think of an Irish spring. For the last three years of life under the Troika, Irish public(...)

Planning for the future

Keeping the State afloat, mending fiscal leaks and chopping away fallen spars has dominated the Government’s agenda for the past number of years. Now (...)

Container traffic in Dublin Port: “There has been a significant recovery of cost competitiveness, and an improvement in export growth,” the NESC report found.

Ireland’s success in adhering to the “remarkably large fiscal adjustment” in the bailout programme has done much to repair the country’s reputation in(...)

Michael McCarthy: The committee, chaired by the Labour TD, was asked to consider draft proposals for climate change legislation and an accompanying detailed report prepared by the secretariat of the National Economic and Social Council.

A parliamentary committee examining proposals for new climate change legislation is divided on the issue of setting binding targets for emissions redu(...)

Two reports on similar aspects of the Irish economy have reached the same conclusion – the economic downturn has hit those in the younger age g(...)

A man looks in the window at a FAS employment centre in Dublin. The 
National Economic and Social Council has said that “arguably the biggest blight of the economic crisis, affecting people’s income, their well-being and the overall economy”
It found that under 25s, those with low levels of education, and non-Irish nationals were much more likely to be unemployed than the national average. 

. It also found that, while just 4,100 were under-employed in 2006 that figure rose to 145,800 in 2012, an increase of 3,456 per cent. 
Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Some Irish people have experienced a “catastrophic change in their circumstances” due to the economic crisis, according to a report published y(...)

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