Toyota Auris: hybrids  account for 6 per cent of new car sales in the Republic, totalling 3,200 vehicles.  Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters

New car sales were down 3.5 per cent in the first two months, but used imports are surging ahead, up 17.3 per cent on last year. Total new car sales (...)

The Renault Megane is the company’s most popular car so far this year.

Used car imports from the UK are posing a “serious threat” to the Irish market with conditions expected to remain challenging until the final Brexit a(...)

Grants for firms to install public charging points and free tolls for electric vehicles on the likes of the Port Tunnel and East Link Bridge are being proposed by Simi in its pre-budget submission

The motor trade is warning of a potential “perfect storm” similar to that which decimated the sector in 2008 and has called on the Government to avoid(...)

Volkswagen is the best-selling brand so far this year with 12,215 new car registrations. Total new registrations stood at 118,925 by the end of business on Monday, down from 131,207 this time last year.

Sales of new cars fell once again in July, but the arrival of the new 172 registration plate did at least arrest the slide seen so far this year by a (...)

A total of 3,585 new private cars were licensed for the first time in June, a decrease of 13.5 per cent compared with the same month last year. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The Brexit-related weakness in sterling has coincided with a spike in used car imports from the UK and a significant fall-off in new car sales here. (...)

Increasing imports of cars from the UK mcontinue to be driven by a weakened Sterling exchange rate. According to industry watchers, 13,381 cars have been imported from the UK so far this year, a rise of some 41 per cent.

The car trade in Ireland will be hoping for a significant boost from the July registration plate change, as sales of new models dipped again in June. (...)

The car buyers of the UK are turning their backs on diesel almost as quickly as voters turned their backs on the EU

The car buyers of the UK are turning their backs on diesel almost as quickly as voters turned their backs on the EU. A combination of uncertainty surr(...)

Some dealers are reporting that as many as 70 per cent of their new car sales are based on PCP

The Irish car trade is becoming increasingly nervous that its reliance on cheap, subsidised PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) finance is building a cas(...)

As the mandated accompanying driver, you do need to be proactive. Don’t presume the learner has seen a potential problem ahead. Photograph: iStock

After four days cocooned in a maternity hospital, I found the December rain swirling around the car park bracing, to say the least. But, as any first-(...)

Toyota is the best-selling car brand on the Irish market with registrations of 8,329, ahead of Volkswagen with 8,133, Ford with 8,075 and Hyundai on 8.073

New car sales are down 10 per cent on last year. In a further sign of trouble for the motor trade, sales in April fell 24 per cent on the same month l(...)

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