The treatment first requires the patient to wear a headset that projects a life-sized image of themselves through a virtual reality mirror.

Patients suffering from depression could benefit from a virtual reality therapy in which they give advice to a crying child, research has found. The (...)

A study carried out by University College London (UCL) has  found a particular ‘channel’ used by the body for electrical signals is the key to why some people do not experience pain. Scientists said testing on genetically modified mice was essential to the research.

Solving the secret of why a rare genetic mutation stops some people feeling any pain may lead to new therapies to help those who suffering from it chr(...)

Dr Itiel Dror,  cognitive neuroscientist at University College London

There are few certainties in a criminal trial – witnesses forget, barristers spin and defendants lie. So thank heavens for forensic experts, those obj(...)

It’s worth remembering some vitamins and minerals pose risks in large quantities

There is a dizzying array of supplements on our shelves, promising to contribute to healthy living. But the evidence is a mixed bag. “If someon(...)

The study, conducted by the University College London, questioned the families and friends of 48 dementia patients. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA wire

An increasingly dark sense of humour, including laughing at inappropriate moments, could be one of the early signs of dementia, a new study has fou(...)

This image provided by the journal Nature  shows 47 human teeth found in the Fuyan Cave, Daoxian, in southern China. Photograph: S Xing and X-J Wu /AFP Photo/Nature

A trove of 47 fossil human teeth from a cave in southern China is rewriting the history of the early migration of our species out of Africa. The find(...)

A study of more than 600,000 individuals has shown an increased risk of stroke and heart disease among those who worked longer hours.

People who work long hours have a much higher risk of stroke and a slightly greater risk of coronary heart disease than those working a standard week,(...)

Minister of State Kathleen Lynch told the MacGill summer school young people were now buying ‘slabs’ of beer rather than six-packs. Photograph: Eric Luke

Young people are now buying slabs of beer instead of six- packs and are drinking, in some cases, as much as a bottle of spirits in a night, the MacGi(...)

There are some 48,000 people living with dementia in Ireland, with Alzheimer’s the cause in most patients

There has been a cautious response to claims that a drug treatment given to patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease has been able to slo(...)

Sinéad Kelly, education programme director at An Cosán; and Dr Sue Black of Techmums

A new programme aims to educate mothers in disadvantaged areas about digital technology, to boost their job prospects and help them overcome old fears(...)

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