Prof Michel Destrade, chair of applied mathematics in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway. Photograph: Aengus McMahon

A blow to the head can cause different types of brain injury, including a localised focal injury or a more general diffuse brain injury. A focal inju(...)

Astronomers based in the UK and Ireland have watched the weather change on a planet 1,000 light years distant.  File photograph: iStock

Talking about the weather is something of a national pastime, but thanks to a group of astronomers we can now also talk about weather on planets orbit(...)

The most severe scenario is where high levels of contamination reach us that demand imposition of food controls and agriculture protective actions extending over 60 years. Photograph: Getty Images

A bad nuclear incident near our shores has the potential to bankrupt Ireland, according to a research scientist at University College London (UCL). E(...)

Sensors are ubiquitous in  Songdo, South Korea, a new city being built from scratch: Photograph: copyright  Gale International

Southwest of Seoul a $35 billion (€32bn) city is being built from scratch. Every inch of Songdo in South Korea has been wired up, with screens for vid(...)

Magic number: 66  is the magic number, plus or minus a few practices,  to break bad or  build good habits.  Photograph: iStock

I know that I should floss my teeth but I don’t – even though some times I spit blood after brushing them. From time to time I have had a run of flos(...)

Prof Luke O’Neill: “I won’t be quitting the immune system any time soon.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Prof Luke O’Neill is happy. This is not unusual: the biochemistry professor is known for his ebullience. But there’s an extra dimension to the good h(...)

An IBM computer: reproducing artificial but convincing handwriting is a complex task that requires machine learning. Photograph: Reuters

Machine learning might just be the solution to the lost art of letter writing. Researchers at University College London (UCL) have developed an algori(...)

Have you ever wished you could write just like Arthur Conan Doyle? New technology developed by University College London (UCL) can grant your wish: y(...)

The image on the annual report of the Royal Zoological Society of Ireland for 1899, of an Irish red setter nursing the zoo’s three new lion cubs

What links the British secret service, an Irish red setter and Dublin Zoo? The answer: an international trade in lions. The image adorning the annua(...)

Artist’s impression  of ‘super-Earth’ 55 Cancri e: The atmosphere of the planet – which completes and orbit around its star in just 18 hours –   is laced with hydrogen cyanide. Illustration: M Kornmesser/Hubble/ESA

Scientists have established the composition of the atmosphere of a “super-Earth” planet in orbit around a distant star. This is the first time such a(...)

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