Andrew Hughes

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Historian and archivist Andrew Hughes: well placed to comment on 19th-century Ireland. Photograph: Alan Betson

 “For my eighteenth birthday, Father promised me the hand of a handsome young man, which he duly delivered mounted in a glass bell-jar.” From t(...)

Conor Brady: says A Hunt in Winter is loosely based on a murder in Rathmines. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It’s a bit weird, going to interview your ex-boss. He hasn’t been the editor of The Irish Times for many years. We’re both a lot older, and possibly w(...)

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott reacts as he watches children playing during his visit to the Little Pines Childcare Centre in Sydney, Australia. Abbott announced that the 1.5 per cent levy on the nation’s 34-hundred biggest companies will be invested in child care instead of the dropped parental leave scheme. (Photograph: Paul Miller/EPA)

As her five-year-old son started school last week, Sydney engineering consultant Mary Stewart counted the cost of his four years in childcare -- A$9(...)

Andrew Hughes, whose historical novel The Convictions of John Delahunt focuses on an informer who ends up being hanged, and is based on real 19th-century people. Photograph: Alan Betson

Who knows what historical horrors lurk behind our elegant Georgian facades? Andrew Hughes, for one. An archivist by training, his social history of Fi(...)

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