If you find it difficult to self-correct,  you may need to talk to someone.  Photograph: Getty Images

It’s perfectly natural to feel stressed and anxious at the moment. “There’s a lot of fear around and a lot of questioning,” says Sarah Gilligan, a psy(...)

Children are very perceptive, and they will pick up on anxiety even if you try to hide it. Photograph: iStock

Question: I am in my early 60s and I am writing for advice because I feel very caught. My daughter is a nurse working in a general hospital and I have(...)

Are you a good listener? Perhaps you’re the person in your group of friends that others turn to when they have a problem or need to vent? If so, then (...)

Worth trying: one possibility is that you put off sex with someone until you have found out, say, five interesting things about them

Question: I read your recent article about marriage problems and I hope you can help me out. I am a 46-year-old never married man. I am really scared(...)

One person in 10 in Britain is having sleeping problems over Brexit, 20 per cent were reporting anxiety and a similar number were reporting family conflict over the issue. Photograph: iStock

Brexit has caused a mental trauma in Britain on the scale of a major war or a natural disaster, an expert on stress claims, leading to a sharp rise in(...)

Daimee Ng (14) was just three years old when her mother  enrolled her in structured violin classes.  ‘I don’t feel I’ve made sacrifices as it has brought me so much pleasure,’ she says.  Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The row was expected, but the violence was not. “This parent had been on the sidelines for over a year, convinced his son was the next Ronaldo,” says (...)

 Professor Sonia Livingstone has examined how children’s digital lives ’raise pressing questions about their capacity to act, and about the responsibilities of others, in ways that fulfil rather than undermine their rights’

Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook should be forced to fund an independent body to teach children how to keep their data safe online,(...)

When was the last time you enjoyed your own company? In today’s Fomo culture, where we all fear missing out, busyness is worn as a badge of honour, an(...)

Grantham House is at the junction of Grantham and Camden streets

A retail and office investment on a busy Dublin 8 corner is guiding €4.5 million through agent Cushman & Wakefield. Grantham House, at the juncti(...)

Choosing a further- or higher-education college is not as straightforward as choosing where to go on holiday. Photograph: iStock

Going to college isn’t cheap. First, there’s the cost of registration fees, currently capped at €3,000. Then students need to shell out for books, acc(...)

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