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The Irish Times is travelling to Australia next week to meet Irish people living in Perth and Sydney. We will be hosting two focus groups to discus(...)

GP Aifric Boylan: ‘The most striking difference between working as a GP in Australia versus Ireland is that here the health system facilitates me in taking care of patients properly.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Ireland’s ailing health service was one of the most contentious topics of the 2016 general election campaign, but it remains to be seen how the incom(...)

Rory Deegan: ‘The stroll allows people to walk the street and get a real sense for the size of the planets and the space between them.’

Perth’s Beaufort Street is named after Irishman Francis Beaufort, the British navy hydrographer famous for creating the well-established wind-force sc(...)

Bridge over the Swan River has a wavy eucalyptus-wood deck, framed by a pair of leaning steel arches

Classy design award of the week has to go to Arup Associates for its new “meandering” pedestrian and cycling bridge which has been completed over the (...)

Revellers taking part in the St Patrick’s Day parade through central London last Sunday. Photograph: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

The time of year when people around the world grab as much green as possible and celebrate Irishness and being Irish is almost upon us. Here at iri(...)

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