Majella Moynihan pictured in the grounds of RTE. Majella spoke on RTÉ’s Documentary on One about being investigated by gardaí when she became pregnant by a male member of the force. Photograph: RTÉ

As visions of dystopia go, 1984 is pretty hard to beat. In an oppressive, male-dominated society, single women wearing distinctive uniforms give birth(...)

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris met Majella Moynihan on Thursday. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Majella Moynihan, the former garda forced from her job and prosecuted for giving birth out of wedlock, has received face-to-face apologies from Garda (...)

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone: “I think it’s really fantastic that women like herself have the courage to come into the public where the State must face them.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The State must face up to how women like former garda Majella Moynihan were treated, and make reparations for the “terrible aspects of our past,” Mini(...)

Majella Moynihan in 1998. ‘The Garda Representative Association had failed so comprehensively in its purpose to protect and defend her that she wasn’t even aware of its existence.’  Photograph: RTÉ

A thread insinuates itself throughout Majella Moynihan’s heart-stopping story: how societies choose their human sacrifices for some “higher” cause, ho(...)

The treatment of former garda Majella Moynihan was ‘deeply sexist’ and ‘wrong every level’, the Taoiseach has told the Dáil. Photograph: RTÉ.

The treatment of former garda Majella Moynihan was “deeply sexist” and “wrong at every level”, the Taoiseach has told the Dáil. Leo Varadkar said Ms (...)

Majella Moynihan in 1998. She has been commended for telling her story by the National Women’s Council of Ireland. Photograph: RTÉ

A story of secrecy and shame, of a woman being treated appallingly by State institutions, with involvement from the Catholic Church – this is a narrat(...)

Majella Moynihan first requested files relating to her disciplinary process in late 2004, but the request was rejected. Photograph: RTÉ

An Garda Síochána is coming under increasing pressure to clarify the whereabouts of files relating to the disciplinary case against Majella Moynihan, (...)

Majella Moynihan:  was 22 when she was charged, under Garda Síochána regulations, with having premarital sex with another garda and with having given “birth to a child outside wedlock”. Photograph: RTÉ

Majella Moynihan, the former garda who faced disciplinary action for becoming pregnant outside of marriage in the mid-1980s, has appointed a solicitor(...)

Majella Moynihan “has done a great public service in speaking so honestly and so eloquently about her experiences”. Photograph: RTÉ

In 1984, Majella Moynihan was threatened with dismissal from An Garda Síochána because, as the formal charge against her put it, she “had sexual inter(...)

“Majella Moynihan  laid bare a litany of shocking and disgraceful behaviours on the part of the Garda Siochana,” the GRA said.  File photograph: RTE

The organisation representing rank-and-file gardaí has distanced itself from comments made by its former general secretary about the Majella Moynihan (...)

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