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Frank Holt: ‘Does Oregon remind me of home? Perhaps more than anywhere else in the US. The temperature of the heart is more prevalent than the elements that fall from the skies’

Oregon’s state motto is we “We Love Dreamers”. Myself and my wife Eileen dreamt of a new life, so in 2011 we moved from Ireland to Portland. The plane(...)

Scout Mitchell: ‘My first year back was a novelty, as I was meeting new people, going to college for the first time, drinking legally, and getting to know the wonders of Dublin city as an adult. But as time wears on, you don’t have that conversation-starter that you had when you just moved back from living in the States.’

It is coming up to the two-year mark since I made the journey back from America to Dublin. As time ticks on, I find my memories are slowly fading and (...)

Michelle Obama: critics claim sections of a speech by Melania Trump were lifted virtually verbatim from a speech Mrs Obama made in 2008 at the Democratic National Convention. The Trump campaign has dismissed the complaints. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Migrant double standards It was not the plagiarised part of Melania Trump’s speech that bothered one Republican delegate on the floor of the conve(...)

Saudi women attend the American Express World Luxury Expo in Riyadh on  March 30th. Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev/The New York Times

For most of his adult life, Ahmed Qassim al-Ghamdi worked among the bearded enforcers of Saudi Arabia. He was a dedicated employee of the Commission f(...)

An US doctor has been charged with dangerous driving causing the death of a tourist in Cork city earlier this month. Cedric Simpson (50), who appeare(...)

US senator Bernie Sanders: his refusal to throw in the towel comes despite the democratic socialist losing four of six state contests on Tuesday. Photograph: Jonathan Alcorn/AFP/Getty

Where many cheered Hillary Clinton’s historic victory in the Democratic presidential primary, rival Bernie Sanders vowed to press on with his own “pol(...)

Danny Hamilton: ‘The international mosaic of people is one of my favourite things about life in Canada.’

I have just finished filling up at the barbecue, I’m sitting on driftwood which has crashed up on the beach, we are readying a campfire for after the (...)

In the early 2000s, Lisa, a software engineer, left her native California to spend time in Croatia. She then bought a derelict cottage in Co Clare wh(...)

From left to right: Congressman Brendan Boyle; chief operating officer for the Architect of the Capitol Christine Merdon;  Congressman Mick Mulvaney; House of Representatives chaplain Fr Patrick Conroy and Taoiseach Enda Kenny

There were no jokes about whether the new Irish oak would lean left or right when liberal Democrat congressman Brendan Boyle and his conservative Repu(...)

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaking to  supporters in Carson, California, this week. Photograph: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

After splitting wins in contests on Tuesday, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders head into the final stretch of a longer than expected and so(...)

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