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Digicel chairman Denis O’Brien: company enlisted  help of  Haitian police. Photograph: Swoan Parker/Reuters

A US company being sued for alleged fraud by Denis O’Brien’s telecoms company Digicel has asked a US court to throw out the case. UPM Telecom, which (...)

President Barack Obama has ordered US intelligence agencies to produce a full report on Russian efforts to influence the  presidential election, his homeland security adviser said. Photograph: New York Times

President Barack Obama has ordered US intelligence to review evidence of Russian interference in the presidential election after coming under sustaine(...)

In terms of flavour, Java Republic tea bags are perfectly fine – but, at €6.50, they’re far too dear

PUKKA 3 MINT TEA €3.50 for 20 bags These leaves do not come wrapped in any class of silky pillow and there is nothing by way of hand-stitching to be(...)

Yellowstone National Park: An Oregon man accidentally fell into a hot spring on June 7th and died. Photograph: Getty Images

An Oregon man who died and “dissolved” after falling into a boiling, acidic hot spring at Yellowstone National Park last June, had been looking for a(...)

Donald Trump (centre) campaigning in Florida, the biggest, most valuable battleground state in the US presidential election. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Voters go to the polls on Tuesday to elect a successor to Barack Obama as president of the United States. Here’s what to watch out for as results are (...)

 Shawna Cox and Ammon Bundy arrive for a news conference at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon. Bundy and six followers who carried out the six-week armed takeover of the refuge were acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapons charges. Photograph: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times.

A US federal court jury delivered has acquitted anti-government militant leader Ammon Bundy and six followers of conspiracy charges stemming from the(...)

Cork Airport  director Niall McCarthy said the claims about Norwegian Air International using crews on cheap Asian contracts on the proposed Cork-Boston service were without foundation. Photograph: J Stiegler/Creative Commons

Management at Cork Airport have rejected claims by a US congressman that the granting of a foreign carrier permit to Norwegian Air International to fl(...)

The clock tower at the University of Texas in Austin, the spot from which Charles Whitman carried out a mass shooting fifty years ago. A new state law permits concealed firearms to be carried inside campus buildings. Photograph: Ilana Panich-Linsman/The New York Times.

The University of Texas has marked the 50th anniversary of a slaughter that thrust mass shootings into the US national consciousness as a new law allo(...)

Frank Holt: ‘Does Oregon remind me of home? Perhaps more than anywhere else in the US. The temperature of the heart is more prevalent than the elements that fall from the skies’

Oregon’s state motto is we “We Love Dreamers”. Myself and my wife Eileen dreamt of a new life, so in 2011 we moved from Ireland to Portland. The plane(...)

Scout Mitchell: ‘My first year back was a novelty, as I was meeting new people, going to college for the first time, drinking legally, and getting to know the wonders of Dublin city as an adult. But as time wears on, you don’t have that conversation-starter that you had when you just moved back from living in the States.’

It is coming up to the two-year mark since I made the journey back from America to Dublin. As time ticks on, I find my memories are slowly fading and (...)

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