Restaurants Association of Ireland chief executive Adrian Cummins said the decision to reduce the rate for tourist services had been “incredibly successful”. Photograph: Eric Luke

Restaurant owners have urged the Government to retain a measure which reduced value added tax (VAT) to nine per cent in the tourism sector almo(...)

Michael Noonan, Minister for Finanace. Photograph: Alan Betson

Given how feeble the Oireachtas is at checking and balancing ministerial actions, it is a wonder that governments over the decades have not vee(...)

Ireland faces at least two more years of tax increases and spending cuts before an easing of austerity in 2016. According to the first fo(...)

The Comptroller and Auditor General report said that over €4 million was paid into the account between 2002 and 2009 by a range of State bodies including the Department of Health. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Over the last three years there have been several reports into how the social partnership process operated in the health services. At th(...)

In the horse meat scandal and others, the buck should have stopped somewhere; someone was responsible. Photographer: Mario Proenca/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Once again, this time in the case of the death of Savita Halappanavar, a “systems failure” has been put forward to explain shortcomings in her trea(...)

Beyond the bailout

Ireland has to date met the terms of the EU-IMF bailout, but that does not guarantee a successful exit from the troika programme later this yea(...)

The general Government deficit came in at 7.6 per cent of GDP, well under the 8.86 per cent target set under the terms of the EU-IMF bailout

The release of the Maastricht returns for 2012 on the same day as senior Government figures were signalling an end – or pause at least – to aus(...)

Ireland's budget deficit for 2012 was 7.6 per cent of GDP, comfortably inside the EU-IMF troika's target of 8.6 per cent, according to the Depa(...)

“Should Matthew Elderfield land a big and well-paid job at Lloyds there will no doubt be some who will begrudge him his success and point out that he has not finished the job he started.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Nothing, it seems, has become Matthew Elderfield so well as the manner of the departure. As you would hope and expect, the regulator seems to b(...)

Labour Minister Joan Burton:  said at the weekend she believed that Ireland had “reached its limits of austerity” and that ordinary people were “shouldering too much of the burden”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The Government intends to make a major concession to middle-income taxpayers in the October budget as part of a strategy to de(...)

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