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Police investigators and fire fighters work in front of the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. Photograph: Reuters

There has been swift and horrified reaction to the murders of 12 people in Paris on Wednesday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deadly shootin(...)

The legislation approving the construction of the $8 billion (€6.7bn) pipeline is expected to pass the Republican-controlled Senate where the Bill has 60 co-sponsors. Photograph: Scott Dalton/Bloomberg

US president Barack Obama would veto legislation that approves the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, the White House (...)

 Actor Randall Park portrays North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in “The Interview”. Photograph: AP

The United States has said a cyber attack on Sony Pictures blamed on North Korea was a serious national security matter and the Obama administration i(...)

Protesters gather to demand immediate executive action on immigration reform outside the White House in Washington, US,   earlier this month. Photograph: Jabin Botsford/The New York Times

President Barack Obama plans to unveil sweeping changes to US immigration enforcement that will protect up to five million illegal immigrants, includi(...)

US president Barack Obama: called a meeting this week over growing Ebola crisis. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Barack Obama has drawn criticism this past year for not changing his travel or holiday plans when crises struck. Neither the rise of Islamic State mil(...)

Julia Pierson: resigned as US secret service director  following a series of major security breaches around President Barack Obama. Photograph:  Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The latest revelation exposing another security breach on the US secret service’s watch – that a private contractor armed with a gun accompanied Presi(...)

Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko acknowledges applause while addressing a joint meeting of Congress in  Washington yesterday. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko asked the United States for lethal military aid to resist advances of Russian-backed separatists in a forceful pl(...)

US president Barack Obama: said that goal was to “degrade and destroy” Islamic State forces. Photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

The words “Obama” and “gaffe” rarely appear together. The US president’s statements are carefully crafted, his words precisely chosen. He is as pol(...)

US president Barack Obama who has authorised surveillance flights over Syria, a precursor to potential airstrikes there. Photograph: Reuters

President Barack Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria, a precursor to potential airstrikes there, but a mounting concern for the White(...)

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, ruled that the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, doesn’t authorise the US government to provide subsidies to Americans to help them purchase health insurance in 36 states. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The US Supreme Court could be asked to revisit president Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law after two courts issued conflicting rulings on govern(...)

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