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Events in Germany have led to Mastercards issued by Wirecard, which allow customers make purchases in 16 different currencies, to be effectively frozen. File photograph: Getty Images

An Post has moved to assure as many as 50,000 Irish customers who hold one of its prepaid foreign exchange Mastercards that they will be protected “wh(...)

Fast furniture: Billy bookcases on the Ikea website; they start at €19

As the walls close in, many of us are sprucing them up, spurred to act after hours of looking, during weeks of working from home, at the colour of our(...)

Samuel Brannan, c. 1860. Photograph: Public Domain

888 Brannan Street in San Francisco is home to Airbnb’s global headquarters. It is fitting that a company dedicated to accommodating out-of-towners wh(...)

Cork man John Riordan works with the America Scores programme which operates in 12 cities and provides soccer coaching, poetry classes and general community service to some of the most impoverished families in those cities.

Two tales from the city. On the week that the NBA announced an indefinite postponement of the season, the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, vowed tha(...)

A meme posted on Fine Gael’s Twitter account on Saturday. Yeah we’re lost too.

Fine Gael fluffs digital strategy lines Half a political generation ago (well, 2011), Fine Gael brought in consultant Ravi Singh to help on their dig(...)

“We were consistently told by Alaska Airlines that their system does not ‘talk’ to the Aer Lingus system.”

“My husband and I are having a slight issue with Aer Lingus at the moment and getting very little satisfaction,” begins the mail from a reader called (...)

The border wall  in  Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Homemade, lightweight ladders are being made from the very same rebar rods supposedly reinforcing the integrity of the  wall  itself. Photograph: Alyssa Schukar/the New York Times

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Abbie Hoffman, a radical, political activist and author of the 1971 anarchist’s manifesto Steal This B(...)

Rick Shaw bartends using light from a lantern at the Town Square Sports Bar in Sonoma, California, on Wednesday. photograph:  Brittany Hosea-Small/AFP

Electricity was shut off to nearly 750,000 California homes and workplaces on Wednesday as Pacific Gas and Electric Co (PG&E) imposed a string of (...)

A “mini-brain”.  Researchers point out the huge gulf that still separates organoids (mini-brains) and real human brains in terms of their size, organisation, complexity and ability to communicate with the outside world

Madeline Lancaster opens the door of a fridge-sized incubator in her lab at the University of Cambridge’s biomedical campus. On its gently gyrating sh(...)

Dublin Airport spatial data manager Morgan Crumlish receiving the award from Jack Dangermond, co-founder and president  of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

Dublin Airport has received an award for a software project that has enabled the airport to report safety issues in real time and improved efficiency (...)

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