Locals walk through the debris-ridden promenade in Aberystwyth, West Wales, after taking a battering from waves driven by storm-force winds. Photograph: EPA/Dimitris Legakis

The UK is enduring the worst series of winter storms in more than 20 years and weather experts there have warned that even more flooding is likely ove(...)

Storm  damage sustained by the promenade in Aberystwyth, West Wales. Photograph: Dimitris Legakis/EPA

Further storms, high tides and gale-force winds are expected across many parts of the UK over the weekend as communities already hit by a trail of dev(...)

Undated handout photo issued by Hertfordshire Police of 51-year-old Donal Drohan from Harrow, originally from Waterford  who died after a tree fell on his car in Watford. Photograph: PA

A 51-year-old man originally from Waterford, died after a tree fell on his car as he drove through Watford, north of London, shortly before 7am today(...)

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher: described by François Mitterrand, former French president, as having ‘the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe’. Photograph: PA Wire

Margaret Thatcher’s ability to reduce political opponents to rubble was renowned but new evidence is available that she was also capable of leaving ma(...)

Verizon, BT and Vodafone Cable have given GCHQ secret unlimited access to their network of undersea cables.

Some of the world’s leading telecoms firms, including BT and Vodafone, are secretly collaborating with Britain’s spy agency GCHQ, and are passing on (...)

Members of the  cast of the TV series Dad’s Army   visit the Imperial War Museum in Southwark in 1974. Bill Pertwee (third from left) died today aged 86. Photograph:  Chris Ware/Keystone/Getty Images

Dad’s Army star Bill Pertwee died peacefully today with his family around him, his agent said.The actor, who was 86, was known for his role as the air(...)

Chemical investigations suggest that raw material for Ireland’s prehistoric gold hoard may have been sourced from near neighbours. An alternati(...)

Steal away to write that novel
  • Travel
  • March 16, 2013, 06:00

In 1998 Sue Booth-Forbes, an American teacher, writer and editor who had been running creative retreats on a voluntary basis in Boston, decided(...)

Detail from Still Life with Garlic (1947). Photographs: The Estate of William Scott

I f ever an artist’s reputation was in urgent need of rescuing, it is William Scott’s, writes Sarah Whitfield in her recent study of the painte(...)

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