Troubles 50

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How The Irish Times reported the day’s events the following morning

Belfast is deserted and extremely tense. Scenes of devastation are everywhere to be seen. Every conceivable object has been used to erect barricades. (...)

The Dalai Lama crosses the peace line at Workman Avenue and Springfield Road in Belfast in October 2000. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

In Conway Street in west Belfast, the shadow of August 1969 remains on the walls. On the gable end of a former linen mill the outline of a house survi(...)

Police under attack during the civil rights demonstration in the Bogside area of Derry city. Photograph: Express Newspapers/Getty

How the Troubles broke out. February 1967: The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) is founded as a non-sectarian organisation to tackle(...)

Eamon Melaugh: I always said that “when our blood flows, Stormont goes” and that’s exactly what happened. Photograph: Ronan McGreevy

It was a remarkable period of time even in the remarkable history of the period. I operated Radio Free Derry during those days. It was a pretty prim(...)

The aftermath of the burning of Bombay Street, Belfast, in August 1969. Archive photograph: Gerry Collins

On the night of August 15th, 1969, with tensions running high in the aftermath of the civil rights marches, a loyalist mob rampaged through Bombay Str(...)

How The IrishTimes reported the day’s events the following morning.

British troops, having been deployed in Belfast for the first time yesterday, are attracting criticism for being unable to prevent large-scale destruc(...)

Gregory Campbell in Derry: ‘Jack Lynch made the statement about we won’t stand by, and for the unionist community that was tantamount to virtually an Irish invasion.’ Photograph: Trevor McBride

On August 12th, 1969, 16-year-old Gregory Campbell was marching through the centre of Derry on his first Apprentice Boys parade. As he reached Waterl(...)

Kathleen Gillespie (left), Therese McCann (centre) and Anne Walker, who have all shared stories of their experiences of the Troubles  through performance, pictured alongside the  River Foyle in Derry. Photograph: Trevor McBride

On a rainy day in Derry, 69-year-old Kathleen Gillespie arrives at the city’s Playhouse theatre. As she shakes the raindrops from her coat and collaps(...)

 British army troops dismantle a barricade on Lucknow Street in the wake of conflict that arose after the Battle of the Bogside, in Belfast. Photograph:  Independent News and Media/Getty Images

On August 14th, 1969, the army arrived in Northern Ireland. Newsreel footage shows 300 soldiers disembarking in Derry and lining up on the city’s quay(...)

How The Irish Times reported the day’s events the following morning.

Six people are killed as battles rage throughout Northern Ireland. Violence spreads from the epicentre of Derry to other towns and cities including Be(...)

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