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Laura Guckian, her husband, Brendan, and their three children: They both  organise their work around childcare, with her working evenings and weekends while he is on a more traditional schedule

Being a parent can be one of the most fulfilling and joyous roles any of us will experience in our lifetime, but it can also be hard work, not to ment(...)

Alexandra Furbee will be spending Christmas in Ireland with her partner, but says she will miss spending the time with her parents in Florida.

Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together. As we all know, this year is like no other and there are countless families here and aroun(...)

Linda Sankey,  the communications officer for “Six months into our new normal, we can all agree that the two most important tools used to sustain and facilitate living in a pandemic, have been Zoom and walking.”

On January 1st, I and thousands of others joined the #100daysofwalking challenge (started by Ciara Kelly on Newstalk), where we would attempt to walk (...)

Majella O’Dea from Athenry: “Gardening is totally absorbing, and I regularly lose track of time. I love trying to grow different plants.”

There is no getting away from the fact that, for many people, the past few months have been very stressful indeed. But while some have learned how to (...)

Tusla, the State’s child and family agency, strongly advises parents not to take children out of school for holidays during the school year. Photograph: iStock

It’s almost summer and the cost of taking a holiday is set to soar. For many parents, there’s a dilemma: do you skip school early to take advantage of(...)

Lena Wilhare: her grandparents, dad and and uncle run Mulroy Bay Mussels, in Co Donegal. Photograph: Twitter

She may be blissfully unaware of the attention, but little Lena Wilhare has become something of a Twitter sensation. The 21-month-old from Donegal was(...)

Everyone knows that dogs are our best friends – loyal, loving and instinctively sensing when their owner is down and in need of some company. But our(...)

Heaven and hell: the balcony of our first apartment overlooked a building site; our second apartment had the views we thought we’d booked in the first place

My family and I were looking forward to our holiday in a self-catering apartment overlooking the sea in a small Spanish town. The photographs looked i(...)

Surveys indicate that pupils in all-girls schools are more likely to feel exam stress and feel negative towards school. Photograph: Getty Images

There is a popular notion that single-sex education is better for students, and particularly for girls. The extensive body of research into the relati(...)

Jennifer Ryan with her husband and son who was not really big on Japan

‘Can we afford this?” asked my husband, as the cursor hovered over the “okay”’ button on the airline’s website. “How the hell do I know?” was my less(...)

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