Fighting Words

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‘The warden threatened to turn Seamus into a monkey sandwich.’ Illustrator: Joseph McCafferty

School:  Cuilmore National School, Swinford, Co Mayo Class: 1st - 6th class The Hamburger and Seamus Bob the cow cried as he was in the pr(...)

Isac Maurice Kossivi

Name: Isac Maurice Kossivi Age: 20 School: Youthreach Further Education and Training Centre, Limerick Don’t judge Before you judge my life, wear my (...)

Amy Cahill: ‘Sometimes teachers jump to criticise something written by a student, instead of appreciating it.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw, for The Irish Times

When Amy Cahill’s powerful and painful story My Mammy Lives in a Box was published in The Irish Times, “I had messages from people on Facebook, sendin(...)

I ignored the disapproving look on her ageing, Botox-filled face and smiled at the wavy tufts of red hair that now exposed my ears. Photograph: Getty Images

“So, Alissa,” the hairdresser began, hesitantly chopping off more and more of my past, the auburn strings descending like confetti. “What on earth mad(...)

Max wakes up in his bed in New York City and Carter is waiting beside his bed for him to go to the zoo on a school tour. Carter gets his imaginary car(...)

I gave her my Berry the bear to make her feel better

My mammy has been asleep for five days now. She mustn’t be very comfy lying on the bathroom floor. I really hope she wakes up soon, I miss her. Plus, (...)

“It sometimes means entering the work for competition and framing writing that win prizes or is published in newspapers, online or in poetry publications.” Photograph: iStock

I work in a coeducational school in Donabate, North Co Dublin. It has been a great privilege for me and for my fellow English teachers to participate (...)

Roddy Doyle:  ‘It is a joy to watch young writers.’

There is something great, almost magical, about watching a writer take ownership of a story. It’s not something we often get to witness. Writing is a (...)

The children in my class always love giving in-depth back stories to characters and the characters in these stories are open to much interpretation as they are often silly and unusual. Photograph: iStock

How can this document be used in the primary school classroom? As a primary school teacher, I know the value of bringing fun and silliness to creativ(...)

I try again. Stretching to the stars,  Unblinking and unflinching at their intensity. Photograph: iStock

Dreams are for the dreamers they say; With corporate ties and Serious sighs With tests and points, Souls marked valuable by numbers and words scribed(...)

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