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Rump steak cuts: more than half of our beef and pig meat exports and 84 per cent of Irish poultry exports finds a way to UK-based customers. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty

Prediction, goes an old Danish proverb, is hazardous – especially about the future. Some looming threats will be less traumatic than anticipated or ma(...)

Cheap chicken may be tempting, but it is simply not possible to produce a chicken for the equivalent cost of 10 minutes of labour at the minimum wage.

The relationship between food and its consumers is a complex one. Forces that have shaped the evolution of the global food industry include the rising(...)

Anne Heraty, chair of this year’s judges, becomes EY Entrepreneur of the Year  in 2006. Photograph: Cyril Byrne
EY Awards: 19 years in Ireland

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition is considered one of the most prestigious awards programmes for business leaders, operating in more than 1(...)

Michael Carey, chairman of Bord Bia and managing director of East Coast Bakehouse: “Consumers’ demands are complex and food firms need to have a deep understanding of these evolving needs if their new innovations are to have any chance of success.”  Photograph: Eric Luke

My late father, a shopkeeper in the Dublin suburb of Cabra, had a saying: “If times are bad, paint the shop.” For food businesses facing into post-Br(...)

An aphorism from Samuel Beckett’s novella Worstward Ho has become a powerful motto of the entrepreneurial community, a motivational slogan that embra(...)

John Teeling, the legendary whiskey and mining entrepreneur and my former lecturer, who asked, “What are you going to do with the second half of your career?” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Career plans rarely work out as intended. There are too many external influencing factors beyond our control. For entrepreneurial careers, with a hi(...)

Michael Carey: “For our business, and all local food producers, this will be testing time.” Photograph: Eric Luke

The British decision to end its 43 years as a member of the EU – and as a positive influence within the European market – may have significant implica(...)

 Michael Carey, managing director of East Coast Bakehouse: “By working together the food and drink industry has made good progress towards establishing a clear customer proposition for food and drink sourced from Ireland, building a reputational brand under the banner of Origin Green.” Photograph: Eric Luke

The power of “co-opetition” is evident in some business sectors in the voluntary sector and, potentially, in the structure of the current minority Gov(...)

Michael Carey, managing director of East Coast Bakehouse: “While we have many examples of individually good initiatives, our approach to education and training does not optimise this ‘entrepreneur flow’.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Can anyone become an entrepreneur or does it require the right genetics? Indigenous entrepreneur-led growth and job (...)

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya with employees after announcing last week that he was giving them shares worth up to 10 per cent of the company when it goes public or is sold. Earlier this year Ulukaya turned down a very public acquisition approach from PepsiCo. Photograph: Alexandra Hootnick/The New York Times

The holy grail of all new brand builders is to create a disruptive innovation that sets a new agenda and sparks sustained category growth. In the fo(...)

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