Since 1978, more than 6 million babies have been born through IVF across the world and over 2 per cent of European births are now through IVF. Photograph: iStock

It is “critical” that fertility treatment be publicly funded and legally regulated here, a pioneer in the field has warned. Professor Simon Fishel, f(...)

Trinity College Dublin has climbed several places in the Times Higher Education world university rankings for 2018. Photograph: iStock

Trinity College Dublin has climbed several places in the Times Higher Education world university rankings for 2018. Brexit means “great opportunities(...)

Indy racing aside, the only solace Fernando Alonso has these days is that, whenever his Formula One car breaks down yet again, he’ll soon be able to c(...)

The University of Melbourne is among the 45 third-level institutions planning on using Digitary’s platform

Digitary, a Dublin-headquartered company behind a popular digital documents platform used by third-level institutions across the world, has signed a d(...)

A study published in the British Medical Journal looked at the health records of 1.93 million UK adults who were all free of cardiovascular disease at the start.  Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Moderate drinking may be good for your heart and even heavy drinking may lower your risk of heart attack, a new study indicates. Moderate drinking is(...)

Thousands of exoplanets orbiting stars have been discovered but few are the Earth’s size. File photograph: Getty Images

Astronomers have discovered a nearby star that has seven Earth-sized planets in orbit around it. At least six of them match Earth’s temperature, rais(...)

The Inuit diet: low rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic disease. Photograph: Doug Struck/Washington Post

In the early 1900s, Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson lived among the Inuit for several years eating mostly whale blubber, some fish and meat, as (...)

Researchers claim to have found a so-called “vaccine” to curb the damaging effects of fact distortion — by exposing them to the lies

A psychological tool aimed at immunising the public against the “virus” of fake news and misinformation has been developed by scientists. Researchers(...)

The company’s proprietary technology can be broadly applied to the more than 30 human protein misfolding diseases

Irish life sciences company Malin has acquired a 33 per cent shareholding of Wren Therapeutics, a newly created biopharmaceutical company based in Cam(...)

Apple has published its first ever open access research paper and it is on an improved form of machine learning, or AI, that Apple calls Simulated+Uns(...)

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