A sizzling summer; a late late spring, ferocious storms driven by the Atlantic jetstream, evidence of more extreme weather. All these meteorological t(...)

The guidelines mention “shadow flicker”, caused when rotating blades cast shadows on properties.

New planning guidelines for wind energy include a “mandatory” setback distance of 500 metres between any turbine and the nearest home and an “absolute(...)

“Any national renewable energy planning strategy cannot just consider wind energy alone and must also take into account other technologies and issues.” Photograph: Reuters/Brian Snyder

The efficient production and use of energy is a central consideration for planning. Ireland has a number of strategic advantages in the area of renewa(...)

CGI of “Facebook town” beside the company’s Menlo Park campus in California

Reporting from the heart of Cannapolis, North Carolina in 1933, a Fortune magazine journalist noted the town was “like a medieval city, standing aloof(...)

Minister Jan O’Sullivan said public acceptance of wind farms is vital

Some wind energy developers are “behaving like an oil baron of old” in dismissing concerns of communities about the potentially negative impact of the(...)

Planning experts have warned that a recent High Court ruling with respect to unauthorised developments could undermine the regulatory system. The find(...)

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