‘The technology to extract water and other precious minerals from asteroids is there – we just need to deploy it,’ says Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources.  Photograph:  REUTERS

While everyone keeps banging on about Back To The Future, other, more interesting examples of Hollywood imitating life are actually taking place. Alm(...)

Research at NASA for the last two decades has focused on the International Space Station

The Space Race used to be a 100-metre sprint. Now it’s more like a three-legged event. Things move slower and cooperation is vital. The manned space (...)

The weather may prove perfect to see the showers, as Met Éireann are forecasting clear weather on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish stargazers are set for an exciting week as one of the year’s biggest meteor showers, the Perseids, peaks in activity. Wednesday night is due to(...)

The third stage of the rocket carrying the MexSat-1 communications satellite suffered a problem about 500 seconds after launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Photograph EPA/Roscosmos/Handout

A Proton-M carrier rocket carrying a Mexican satellite malfunctioned and crashed in Siberia soon after launch on Saturday, the latest in a series of m(...)

The International Space Station (ISS), seen above, has been evacuated following a gas leak. Photograph: EPA/Nasa TV.

Part of the International Space Station (ISS) has been evacuated following a gas leak. The crew was evacuated from the US section because of a (...)

Chris Hadfield’s You Are Here is a compilation of 150 photographs culled from the 45,000 he took while in space.

Ireland’s favourite astronaut was back in Dublin and it felt like he had never been away. Cmdr Chris Hadfield returned to Ireland to sign copie(...)

Former International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has been awarded a gold medal of honorary patronage by the University Philosophical Society in Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson /The Irish Times

Former International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has received an honorary patronage from Trinity College Dublin. He was awarded a gold meda(...)

The International Space Station. Photograph: NASA

The latest invention to come out of Trinity College Dublin is helping the International Space Station solve an everyday situation that becomes slight(...)

Skytek chief executive Dr Sarah Bourke: “Weather conditions in space can wreak havoc on earth in the same way as hurricanes and tornadoes can damage physical infrastructure but we do not have the same understanding of them.” Photograph: David Sleator

Dublin-based space technology firm Skytek has launched a new weather division to monitor solar storms and other threats. The new division will provide(...)

 Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

A series of videos promoting Ireland featuring former International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield have been released today. Cmd(...)

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