Chief EU negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier: has gently demolished Theresa May’s Chequers proposal. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty

One of the most tumultuous fortnights in recent British political history ended on Friday with Theresa May doubling down on her opposition to the EU’s(...)

Restriction of processed carbohydrates – especially the white and beige ones – are a good idea for many overweight people

The recent results from the TAILORx study (a major study published by The New England Journal of Medicine and presented at a meeting of the American S(...)

Prime minister Theresa May spent much of Tuesday meeting representatives from Conservative associations to brief them on her plans. Photograph: PA Wire

Theresa May has escaped defeat by just six votes on an amendment that would have kept Britain in a customs union with the European Union in the absenc(...)

The revelation that the valsartan problem likely dates back to changes in manufacturing processes at Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical six years ago suggests many patients could potentially have been exposed to cancer risk.

A common blood pressure and heart drug manufactured in bulk by a Chinese company and sold worldwide may have contained an impurity linked to cancer si(...)


Up to 25,000 additional pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs could be created in Europe by 2025 with the Republic of Ireland in a strong position to gain(...)

Prothena is now discontinuing development of the antibody-based medicine for the condition.

Shares in Prothena, a biotech company backed by British investor Neil Woodford, plunged 70 per cent yesterday after its main drug for treating a rare(...)

Photograph: iStock

Irish patients are being denied access to nine drugs that are widely available across Europe, largely on cost grounds. The drugs – most of them cance(...)

Multiple sclerosis. A coloured scanning electron micrograph of a microglial cell (orange) ingesting oligodendrocyte cells (pink, branched) in nerve tissue. This  process is thought to occur in multiple sclerosis (MS). Photograph. Getty Images

The development of a “breakthrough” drug for patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) may offer hope for some patients in Ireland, (...)

Initially, shingles has the appearance of fluid filled vesicles before becoming a red crusty rash

Childhood photographs of Dr H show it clearly. A mini-crater/depression right in the centre of my forehead. It’s legacy of a bad bout of chickenpox wh(...)

Disability groups have welcomed an instruction that pharmacists inform women of child-bearing age the risks of taking medicines, used to treat migrain(...)

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