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 Neil Gibson, chief economist with EY Ireland, warns some people  won’t be able to keep up with price rises in food, fuel and housing. Photograph: iStock

It was supposed to be temporary but as we head into 2022, inflation – a bit like Covid-19 perhaps, only not as malignant – has become that unwelcome g(...)

Employers are realising that attracting – and retaining – staff is going to require new thinking and new methods

While the economy in Ireland took a massive hit over the course of the pandemic, with some industries more affected than others, all signs are now poi(...)

US treasury secretary Janet Yellen in Dublin Castle earlier this month, delivering a keynote address offering US and Irish perspectives on the future of the global economy. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Thanksgiving month began this year with a visit to Dublin by US treasury secretary Janet Yellen. She was here for a number of engagements, including a(...)

Environmental performance – where businesses measure their impact on the environment – is becoming increasingly important for organisations. “Environ(...)

The new rate will only apply to companies  with revenues in excess of $750 million. That will exclude the vast majority of indigenous companies and a large number of US tech companies in Ireland

It was almost an article of faith that if Ireland was ever forced to increase its much cherished 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate the roof would cav(...)

We had to emphasize the need to stay connected and get people talking, so we introduced daily stand-ups, scheduled weekly lunches together, and hosted virtual beer Fridays

With a sudden pivot to remote work for non-essential workers last year came challenges and opportunities – for leaders and team members – who had to l(...)

More than 1,000 people joined EY during the year, bringing total headcount at June 30th, 2021, to more than 3,400 across Ireland

EY grew its revenue by 9.5 per cent to €393 million in the Republic during the year ending June 30th, 2021, the company has reported. In addition, t(...)

Irish on-line training business ETU plans to create an extra 100 jobs here and in the US over the next 14 months.

Irish on-line training business ETU plans to create an extra 100 jobs here and in the US over the next 14 months. The company said that it has recent(...)

David Bowie: Securitisation first came to wider public attention with the issuance of what became known as Bowie bonds in 1997. Photograph: Neil Munns/PA

At its simplest, securitisation is the creation of an investment product – a security – by bundling a number of different assets together. These asset(...)

‘We are already seeing oil and gas, steel, airlines and other hard to abate sectors looking at transition finance instruments’

The shift to greener and more sustainable business models comes with a price tag. Companies therefore need to raise the finance to invest in more carb(...)

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