Yo, Hodor? Hodor!

Hodorhodor? Hodor! Okay, I’ll stop now but that’s essentially the entire point of the Yo, Hodor iOS app. It’s about as useful as a back pocket in a ve(...)

On the road: Becks and his mates in ‘David Beckham Into the Unknown’

Before David Beckham sets off on a motorcycle trip from Rio through the Amazon rainforest “to find himself”, his wife, Victoria, reasonably asks, “Why(...)

Dr Maureen Gaffney: “I think we’re dispositionally optimistic. We don’t have American-style optimism. I think the Irish one is captured by the word ‘grand’. It’s kind of ambiguous.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons Fostering positivity: Psychologist Dr Maureen Gaffney. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

In 2006, when the economy was at full throttle, powering inexorably towards a cliff that had yet to loom into view, the annual Gallup survey of nation(...)

Stalwart support: Marie Fleming with her partner, Tom Curran. Photograph: Garry O’Neill

I came to Marie Fleming’s book knowing just a few facts about her. I knew that she suffered from multiple sclerosis. Faced by the certain prosp(...)

Independent Senator Katherine Zappone said the group’s reform proposals could be achieved by way of legislation. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Six principles to reform the Seanad will be put forward today by the group Democracy Matters, which successfully opposed its abolition in last year’s (...)

NYSE traders: the positive behavioural reaction to a positive event is markedly less than the negative behavioural reaction to an equivalent negative event, hence markets tend to overreact. photograph: brendan mcdermid/reuters

The interest of economists, policy-makers and investors in the behavioural biases of the human mind has been intensifying in recent years.Since the on(...)

If this were the Leaving Cert, the questions in this week’s “Irish Times”/ MRBI poll would make it a “hard paper”. Apart from policy wonks and avid co(...)

Childcare matters: Part of the reason the work is so undervalued is because of the ad-hoc way it grew up, almost overnight. Photograph: Thinkstock

It is demanding work that requires rare skill and reservoirs of compassion. It can provide children with lifelong skills to succeed at school during t(...)

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