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Jess Murphy, chef proprietor of Kai in Galway, and now the new resident chef for Meadows & Byrne. Photograph: Martina Regan

New resident chef for Meadows & Byrne Jess Murphy, chef proprietor at Kai in Galway, has been appointed resident chef for the Meadows & B(...)

W hat words do we reach for when we talk about food? Dan Jurafsky, linguist and computer scientist decodes some. In his book, The Language of Food, A (...)

Brother Hubbard’s middle eastern breakfast plate.

Tis the season of goodwill to all men, right? Even those who have opened achingly hip cafes and hotels. So, no grousing about the two new brunch ve(...)

Artisan croissants: terms like ‘artisan’ commonly used on the packaging of mass-produced products 
in order
to create false impressions. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The difficulties artisan and specialist food producers have differentiating themselves from mass producers who use such terms as “homemade”, “farm fr(...)

Fishmonger Stefan Griesbach with the Golden Red Fish in Galway. It was served to visitors to the Galway arts festival. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

A long-living fish which prefers the chillier waters of northern latitudes has been caught by an Irish fishing vessel on the Porcupine Bank.The golde(...)

Jaynie Munroe with the Jamaican jerk marinades made in Ireland by her father, Alistan

Jamaican JerkAlistan Munroe’s family left Jamaica in the 1960s, but they brought with them their family recipe for jerk seasoning – a hot, sweet, frag(...)

The box hedge is trembling in its cartoon-coloured pots in a stiff north wind outside Google’s European headquarters in Barrow Street in Dublin, but t(...)

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