Chinese New Year Festival  in Dublin: Even with the minimal genetic variation across humans, increased genetic diversity maximises our collective fitness. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

When it comes to political debate, few topics stir passionate rhetoric more than immigration. Recently on these pages, Prof William Reville highlighte(...)

Kieran Walkin, entrepreneur: “Besides music, which I’ve kept my hand in, I don’t know what else I’d do if I wasn’t an entrepreneur, because it is constantly challenging and rewarding in so many ways.”
Why I became . . .

Kieran Walkin, entrepreneur I studied music in UCD. I knew there wasn’t money in pop music and I didn’t want to make it as a star. Nor did I want to (...)

Shopping in Moore Street: People have a tendency to significantly overestimate the proportion of the population made up by immigrants. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

One of the paradoxes of the information age is the all too often vast gulf between what is popularly accepted and what is objectively true. In almost (...)

Marriage equality:  could be on its way here too after 2015. Photograph: Reuters

The referendum on marriage equality scheduled to take place in 2015 will be a historic moment in Ireland. With more than 73 per cent of citizens curre(...)

Rain approaching in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. If greenhouse emissions continue their steady escalation, temperatures across most of the earth will rise to levels with no recorded precedent by the middle of this century, researchers say. Photograph: The New York Times

The conclusions of the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) – the world’s foremost authority on climate-cha(...)

“While it’s easy to dismantle the arguments of anti-fluoridation campaigners, it is exhausting and detrimental to the public understanding of science and medicine.” Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

In Stanley Kubrick’s seminal cold war satire Dr Strangelove, there’s a wonderfully off-the-wall scene where the increasingly unhinged Gen Ripper outli(...)

We should not consider redefining marriage, which is valuable as our most child-centred social institution.  Photograph: Eric Luke

David Robert Grimes (June 26th) takes various people to task for “twisting” science to serve religion. But Dr Grimes does plenty of twisting in his ow(...)

“There are 2,000 Irish people in hospital beds today due to alcohol use.”

Since proposals to gradually phase out sponsorship of sports events by the alcohol industry resurfaced a few weeks ago, the response has been entirely(...)

Farmer Donald O'Reilly rescues a sheep trapped in a snow drift in the Aughafatten area of Co Antrim last week. Photograph:  Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

What a difference a year makes; a year ago Europe was basking in some of the warmest spring temperatures recorded. Last week all that seemed a very(...)

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