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The debate on Scottish independence is intensifying and alongside it there is a growing awareness in Ireland North and South that how the vote (...)

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Eamonn Gilmore with  Peter Robinson and  Martin McGuinness. Photograph: PA

Foreign policy is normally defined as the pursuit by a state of its interests and values in relations with other states and international actors and h(...)

Last waltz? Europe traditionally relied on the Franco-German pairing. But now the couple seems unable to compromise for the greater good of the wider union.

‘Europe will be forged in crises and will be the sum of the solutions adopted from these crises.” Jean Monnet’s remark in his Memoirs has often been i(...)

David Thornley, political analyst and later practising politician, with Charlie McCreevy. Photograph: Jimmy McCormack

Public policy-making in developed democracies is linked more and more to research findings about the impact and cost of particular policies, even thou(...)

Former IMF head of mission to Ireland Ashoka Mody: believes Ireland could have pressed harder

As Ireland exits the EU-International Monetary Fund bailout, the Government continues to argue strongly in favour of its multilateral approach to the (...)

Europe at the centre: detail from a map by Willem Blaeu, a cartographer of the 16th and early 17th century.

Asked what he thought of Western civilisation, Mahatma Gandhi is said to have replied: “It would be a good idea.” And James Joyce, in the Cyclops epis(...)

British prime minister David Cameron: targeting equal pay and women’s rights at work. Photograph: PA

‘The sharp increase in sovereign debt since 2009 has not been caused by excessive social spending, but by the additional borrowing needed to fund bank(...)

President Hassan Rouhani: offered the Bush administration a “grand bargain” back in 2003/2004. Photograph: Reuters

‘The Saudis’ worst nightmare would be the administration striking a grand bargain with Iran. ” Robert Gordon, US ambassador to Riyadh in 2001-2003, so(...)

Michael Mallin and Countess Markievicz being arrested in 1916. Photograph: National Museum of Ireland

Commemoration works best when it thinks afresh rather than reproducing established memories and narratives. This year’s recollections of the 1913 Dubl(...)

Former prime minister Paul Keating: lost the argument back in the 1990s.

Australia’s Asia did not figure much in its federal election campaign, but the issue is squarely there in the preoccupation with the economy and jobs (...)

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