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Surely, those who control the app platforms – Apple and Google – should not allow app developers to override settings we have chosen on our own phones

Apps: they so badly want to be your best friend. But as with that classmate at school who always had tempting sweets to share, you sometimes are bribe(...)

The free-to-access Benefacts website, which carries information on bodies including charities, schools, sports clubs, museums and religious groups, has been developed over  three years at a cost of €4 million. Photograph: Benefacts website

A new website aiming to bring transparency to the finances of more than 18,600 civil society organisations in Ireland goes live today. The free-to-ac(...)

 EMC’s CTO Bill Schmarzo

What’s the character trait which sets apart good data scientists from bad? One might assume analytical skills, curiosity, even a head for numbers. In (...)

‘Big Data In Practice’ by Bernard Marr: €35.99

Everything we do in the digital world leaves a trail, information that corporations find invaluable in determining our habits. Assessing information q(...)

A man strolls past a mural depicting a paramilitary fighter in the Shankill Road in Belfast. File photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Newly compiled figures reveal the scale of ongoing paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, with 1,100 bombings and shootings over the last decade, (...)

The judgment in the Digital Rights Ireland case – in which the court threw out the existing EU Data Retention Directive – was a sweeping defence of human rights.

For a long time, the biggest European thorns in the sides of multinational technology companies were the European Commission’s competition and tax aut(...)

Microsoft says the US government is abusing a decades-old law. Photograph: Reuters

Microsoft is suing the US government over a federal law that lets authorities examine customer emails or online files without the individual’s knowled(...)

The FBI succeeded in accessing the San Bernardino iPhone by using a hacker. Photograph: AFP

In early 2003, FBI agents hit a roadblock in a secret investigation, called Operation Trail Mix. For months, agents had been intercepting phone calls (...)

MEPs voting in Strasbourg on Thursday Photograph: Reuters

The European Parliament has voted through tougher rules on data protection, aimed at boosting privacy and giving authorities greater powers to take ac(...)

Hackers received details needed to log into the LA Times parent company.

A California journalist has been sentenced to two years in prison for helping to hack the website of the Los Angeles Times in 2010. The journalist, (...)

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