George Orwell

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Commentary on sport, especially on the various kinds of football, has long been dependent on military metaphor. “Big guns” are frequently involved. So(...)

The State’s data privacy watchdog has received a ‘lifetime achievement’ award under Germany’s ‘Big Brother Awards’. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The State’s data privacy watchdog has received a “lifetime achievement” award under Germany’s “Big Brother Awards” that are selected by data privacy a(...)

Mr Justice Max Barrett’s new book explores the ‘attractions of brevity, clarity and simplicity’ when writing judgments. Photograph: Collins

When it comes to judgments, judges might look to novelist George Orwell’s rules of writing, including “not to use a long word where a short one will d(...)

The now London-based Dubliners confront their identity, anti-Irish sentiment, and what they call ‘the gall of Fine Gael and the fail of Fianna Fáil(...)

Orwell Road: Councillors want to change its name to Independent Ukraine Road as a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine and of criticism of the Russian government. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Orwell Road is one of the longest roads in Dublin. It stretches from Rathgar to Churchtown, with a busy parade of shops at the Rathgar end and a golf (...)

The Russian embassy in Rathgar has been subjected to protests since the invasion of Ukraine a fortnight ago. Photograph: Stephen Collins/ Collins Photos

Residents of Orwell Road in Dublin, where the Russian embassy is located, are set to be consulted on a proposal to change the name to Independent Ukra(...)

Derval O’Rourke was the first Irish woman to win a world sprinting title. Photograph: Inpho

I ran into Derval O’Rourke last Sunday at the Irish Indoor Championships, surprised to hear it was her first time inside the Sport Ireland Arena, cons(...)

For the past century, thanks to Trotsky, fellow traveller has had a pejorative meaning. Photograph: Getty Images

The Germans have a word for everything, as you know, and one of the more recent additions to the lexicon is Putinversteher. It means “Putin understand(...)

 Can Dele Alli spare Everton the drop? New manager Frank Lampard certainly hopes so. File photograph: Getty

“Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer.” So apparently it’s all fine now. European f(...)

Matt Christopher: His first of nearly 80 sports books for children, “The Lucky Baseball Bat”, appeared in 1954

We all have distinctive memories of our schooldays, a mixture of good, bad, and indifferent episodes that continue to haunt or amuse us (take your pic(...)

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