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It’s clear that an accountancy qualification remains highly relevant, but potential CFOs must show a broad range of experience

It’s been accepted for some time that the skills required for the role of chief financial officer (CFO) are far broader than the traditional financial(...)

“Mobile, social and IOT  are generating tons of data, and thanks to the virtually unlimited computing and storage capacity of the cloud, we can use all that data to do great things for users”

The term “artificial intelligence” might still carry a creepy resonance for some concerned about machines taking over the world, but in the world of t(...)

The markets were caught off guard by Trump’s election in November  but investors have decided to focus on the positive – for the moment at least

For financial market rollercoaster junkies fearing it will be hard next year to top volatility inspired by Brexit and Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Mar(...)

Fexco  was set up in 1981 in Killorglin, Co Kerry, by its executive chairman Brian McCarthy. Photograph:Alan Betson

Fexco has bought its sixth UK foreign exchange business in five years, which will tip its annual volume of currency transactions over the £1 billion ((...)

A woman walks past posters from the far-right political movement Casapound calling for a “No” vote in the constitutional referendum in Rome. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/Getty Images

Traders in Dublin will have their eyes on New Zealand on Sunday night as polls close in Italy’s landmark referendum – or, more precisely, on New Zeal(...)

Eamonn Glancy: among the five top beneficiaries as management and staff’s stake in the company doubled in the past five years to 49 per cent.

Goodbody Stockbrokers will lose one of its most senior executives, Eamonn Glancy, this week as he retires after two decades with the firm. Mr Glanc(...)

Roy Barrett, managing director Goodbody Stockbrokers.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Goodbody Stockbrokers is setting up a new investment banking division as it plots to win more business in the UK, where it has poached a senior execut(...)

Roy Barrett, chief executive of Goodbody Stockbrokers: sent an email to staff saying the company was not in takeover talks. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

There is no substance to industry speculation that Goodbody Stockbrokers could be taken over by Investec, Goodbody managing director Roy Barrett has t(...)

Frank Murphy: ‘The biggest challenge was people saying why didn’t someone think of this before? Where’s the catch?’

Sometimes good ideas can immediately catapult a company into the big leagues. More often, they will need some time to come to fruition. As a college(...)

The Westbury, part of the Doyle Collection: a spokeswoman for the company, owned by the Doyle and Beatty families, declined to comment on its change to unlimited status. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The company behind the Doyle Collection hotel group, which had €662 million of total assets at the end of last year, has moved to keep its financial a(...)

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