The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (Tilda)  warned of serious levels of dissatisfaction with public transport, with more than half of the over-50s surveyed rating  options in their area as poor or very poor. File photograph: Getty Images

Just one in 10 older people rely on public transport to get around, research on Ireland’s ageing population has found. The study found a third of fre(...)

Older individuals and couples want an active sex life. They want their sexual experiences to be as good as they can be. Photograph: iStock

GPs should be more invested in supporting people continue an active sex life in older age, according to recent research by Trinity College Dublin. Des(...)

TCD’s Tilda began tracking over 8,000 adults aged 50 and over in 2010. Photograph: Getty Images

Ireland’s older adults are bankrolling their children, providing care for their grandchildren but leaving their own health challenges untreated or und(...)

Sexual healing: The TCD study revealed that older men have more sex than older women. File photograph: Getty Images

Bing Crosby once crooned that love is wasted on the young. Ireland’s middle-aged and late middle-aged agree, since they are having plenty of sex and f(...)

“Loneliness is personal, and it is also political.” Illustration: artfromthefringe/Getty Images

There is a condition that is twice as deadly as obesity and more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It is a sneaky, capricious beast that can(...)

Nora Dodd, patient at  Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing  at St James’s Hospital, Dublin with clinical nurse managers Joan Garcia and Ray Donnelly. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

How long do you want to live? How do you want to live those years? And which is more important, a long life or a healthy life? Or could we possibly en(...)

Some  650 of  the 8,504 people aged 50 and over who have been participating in the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (Tilda) gathered to celebrate TIlda’s first 10 Years at Trinity College Dublin.  Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

It was an unusual sight – a lecture theatre in Trinity College Dublin brimful of silver-haired men and women in their 60s, 70s and 80s. But, perhaps,(...)

Research from Trinity College Dublin’s longitudinal study on ageing (Tilda) has found that negative attitudes to ageing affect both physical and cognitive health in later years. Photograph: Thinkstock

It’s official. You’ re only as old as you feel. Research from Trinity College Dublin’s longitudinal study on ageing (Tilda) has found that negative (...)

Artist Marie Brett: ‘I was intrigued with the idea of people being physically present and cognitively absent and wondered what does that mean to occupy such a place in the world, for both them and us.’

Dementia is a confusing condition, not only for those who have it but for the friends and family of those diagnosed with it. People with dementia c(...)

UCD economist Prof Morgan Kelly

Once shunned by the political establishment, UCD economist Prof Morgan Kelly was today accepted into the bosom of academia.The manwho called the prop(...)

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