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The key to making the routine work is to take the rush out and to make sure you have plenty of time for the important things, like reading to your children.  Photograph: iStock

As a working mother, I find it difficult to get quality time with my children. The evenings are particularly hectic as my husband works away a lot and(...)

The problem: My three-year-old boy is waking several times a night and always very early in the morning

QUESTION Six weeks ago I went back to work part-time, starting early in the morning (I leave at 6.45am) so I can be around in the afternoon. The pro(...)

Tackling tantrums: a useful strategy is to focus your son on something positive he can have and to make his behaviour dependent on this

Problem: Our four-year-old son can throw some really aggressive tantrums when he does not get his own way, particularly when we go into the local shop(...)

My daughter gets into a spin before tests and this affects her performance. Photograph: Getty Images

Question:  My daughter is 14 and in second year of secondary school. Her main anxiety is about school and she gets very worried about tests even (...)

At 11 years of age, when children enter adolescence, it is normal for them to push for independence and to want to do things by themselves

Q We have an 11 year-old son who is very sporty and independent. I am not sure if I am being over protective (he is our eldest) but we like to supervi(...)

Imaginary friends are best seen as a sign of a creative and playful imagination that can have lots of benefits for children

QUESTION My five-year-old son is an only child. Since he was about 3½ years old, he has had imaginary friends. He goes through different phases and d(...)

To motivate children to be brave and face their fears, it can be helpful to use rewards such as a star on a chart for the preschooler, extra daily pocket money or a special trip at the weekend for older children.

In this series of six articles, we have looked at a number of important of principles for helping anxious children and teenagers. We described how it (...)

You should involve the father and other supportive people to help you

I’m in the difficult situation where I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and my relationship with my partner has just ended. As you can imagine t(...)

There are many good child-centred pictorial explanations about anxiety that can help children understand it and learn how to deal with it

In article 3, we looked at the importance of helping children to problem solve and to take action to address the issues that cause them to be anxious.(...)

The teen years are times when many healthy childhood habits can be abandoned and children experiment with eating unhealthily and making unhealthy choices. Photograph: iStock

Question: Our daughter, aged 13, moved to secondary school last year. She gets money to get public transport and for the canteen. Now I am finding hid(...)

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