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While being an only child does not necessarily mean children are more likely to seek reassurance, it can make things sometimes more intense in the family

We a have a delightful nine-year-old boy and he’s our only child. He is extremely sensitive to everything all around him. For example, if someone is u(...)

Could you join them in one of their video games or watch some of their favourite YouTube clips together?

Having a warm connected relationship with your children is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting. Doing fun activities together, s(...)

Even without the worry of illness, lots of new parents can find themselves worrying more about the future once they have a new baby in their arms.

We had our first baby three months ago. He has had some early health issues which required surgery in hospital. This was of course very worrying and s(...)

It is all getting too much for this father – so what can he do?

Q I am a father with two boys aged three years and 18 months. My wife has just gone back to work full time and I have taken parental leave so I work t(...)

Don’t immediately jump in and take sides, but instead  spend time trying to understand both their perspectives

My son who is 14 is a great young man and I’m very proud of him. He’s been through a bit of a rough time as his mum and I separated just over three ye(...)

Help your son think more constructively about his worries

My son is nine and the eldest of three kids – he is a terrible worrier. At bedtime he can get so upset and tells me he as a “guilty conscience” and th(...)

“Well-meaning parents constantly nagging struggling teens about study leads to stress and resentment.”

Our 16-year-old son is an affectionate, intelligent and humorous individual who, over the past couple of years, has increasingly displayed severe mood(...)

Lots of young children develop a specific fear of having their nails cut

My five-year-old daughter is petrified of me cutting her nails. Every time I take the nail scissors out she starts screaming as if I am going to cut h(...)

The best child therapists also  know how to support parents and to assist them in dealing with the situation at home

Question: Since about the age of six, my daughter (who is now eight) has become a bit of a worrier. She can be fearful about lots of different things (...)

I have read about Night-time Eating Disorder and feel my son may be suffering from this

Q My son is 18 years old and for the Past two years he has been eating during the night. I write this to you at 3.15am after confronting him(...)

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