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Be upbeat and positive and  support the other child as well as your son to sort things out in a way with which they are both happy

Question: Could you address how to manage a friend who is smothering another friend (emotionally and physically – both aged 8). The friend won’t let o(...)

At age three, your daughter is asserting her own independent

Question: My 3-year-old girl is showing a lot of attitude lately, telling me to do things, stamping her feet when she doesn’t get her way, etc. Is thi(...)

Anticipate that sweet shop visits might be difficult for her, so take time to prepare her for what is happening

Question: My daughter who is four years old gets very excited in shops (especially sweet and toy shops). She looks at a toy and if she does not get it(...)

Family communication – can you easily talk to an adult in your household about your problems?

Over the last six articles in our series titled “Pressure Points” we have explored what parents can do to empower their children to make responsible c(...)

The dynamics of inclusion and exclusion can become problems  and some children can easily feel left out

How do I set my eight-year-old daughter up so she’s not part of a group of girls who are excluding one girl in the class? The context is that the(...)

What will she say? A teenager being offered pot and alcohol at a house party

As children grow older, a big worry for parents is that their children might “fall in with the wrong crowd” or be part of a negative or irresponsible (...)

Once the pattern of putting on weight in childhood is established, it is much harder to change

Question: I’ve just taken my 4-year-old son to the GP as he had a bad cold and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the flu. While I was there, out of the (...)

A mother catches her daughter using phone when she is meant to be studying in her room

In recent times we have read about the problems of being a “helicopter parent” who “hovers” over children becoming over-involved, deciding too much fo(...)

It is no surprise that there is a peaking of stress, adjustment and mental-health problems for teens in the first years of secondary school. Photograph: iStock

I don’t know where else to turn to for advice. My daughter has started secondary school and is not fitting in with her peers. She finds it hard to tal(...)

Start the conversation when your children are young

When thinking of all the dangers that confront our children (such as alcohol, drugs, the internet, etc), it can be hard to know how and when to discus(...)

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