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Many people get their greatest sense of satisfaction in their roles outside of the ‘day job’

“Love and work . . . work and love, that’s all there is.” – Sigmund Freud The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, saw his job as helping his pa(...)

Apart from all this, he is a happy little boy who is full of fun

Question: I am worried about my son (who was two a month ago) who has developed a disgusting habit. At night time, when he has poo in his nappy, he re(...)

Be proactive in your personal relationships and attend to them

No man is an island – Thomas Merton Our mental health and personal well being are tied up in the quality of our personal relationships. The more clo(...)

The advice for step-parents is to take time to build a relationship with their partner’s children

Question: I separated from my husband three years ago. I have a four-year-old daughter from that relationship who is everything to me. About six month(...)

Attending to and understanding our inner voice is the first step in distancing ourselves from constant self-judgment. Photograph: iStock

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama Often, we are our own greatest obst(...)

If you always take the side of your younger son in disputes with his brother, this is likely to make the older boy believe you only favour his brother. Photograph: iStock

My partner and I have two children, a boy nearly three (Jack) and a girl (Alice) who is 16 months. My partner also has an eight-year-old boy (Tom) who(...)

Take a few minutes each morning to think about what is most important to you this day. Making some notes in a journal or diary is the best way to do this

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. – Nietzsche Our mental health is as important as our physical health in achieving well-being an(...)

Lots of young children develop fears and worries that are related to the childhood stories they hear and the the images they witness on television

Question: My five-year-old son has recently become scared and worried at bedtime. His fears are relating to imagery including killer dragons, monsters(...)

The only thing I noticed is that when they play the warm-up chasing games he does not like to lose and this can put him off

Q: Last term, my 5-year-old son asked me if he could start football locally as he saw the boys playing.  We brought him along and for the first f(...)

Question: My 5-year-old daughter is in junior infants. She has an older brother (7), whom she idolises.  At school and in the playground, I notic(...)

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