Ballymena’s Galgorm is a delicious retreat in 163 acres of parkland

Warming up How does a Thermal Village sound for chillier afternoons? Ballymena’s Galgorm is a delicious retreat in 163 acres of parkland. The Thermal(...)

 Overlooking deserted streets, Hanoi’s tiny balconies have become places of refuge for city’s locked-down residents. Photograph: Nhac Nguyen/ AFP via Getty

Red – the colour usually associated in Vietnam with luck – now wraps doors instead of presents. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in southeast (...)

A woman picking up ordered groceries in a quarantine area in Hanoi, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh city continues to extend Covid-19 lockdown until September 15th. Photograph:  EPA/Luong Thai Linh

I often wake from the silence on Street 7 and stand on my balcony in eerily refreshing air. Early one morning in May soldiers erected barricades to(...)

US marines guide an evacuee during an evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Photograph: Isaiah Campbell/US Marine Corps/AFP via Getty Images

As President Joe Biden watched Kabul descend into hell, did he think of his beloved William Butler Yeats? He is the poet Biden recited as a teen to co(...)

Taliban members on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday. Photograph: Jim Huylebroek/The New York Times

The images of the desperate scramble to get on to helicopters and planes to escape Kabul have brought back vividly memories of that earlier humiliatin(...)

A large group of Taliban fighters occupy the seat of power at the Afghan presidential palace after President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country, in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday. Photograph: Zabi Karimi/AP Photo

While the conflict in Afghanistan came to a swift end this week with the Taliban seizing the capital of Kabul and taking complete control of the state(...)

 People protest  against the Taliban takeover of  Afghanistan and the US decision to withdraw militarily from the country, at Lafayette Square, across the street from the White House, in Washington, DC,  on Sunday. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

The fall of Jalalabad on Sunday to the Taliban, surrendered like so many other cities without a fight, was followed by a sustained advance on Kabul. B(...)

A US Chinook helicopter flies over Afghanistan’s capital Kabul: While US diplomats are being moved out of its   embassy, America insists it will maintain a “core diplomatic presence” in the country. Photograph: Rahmat Gul/AP

The US and its allies rushed to evacuate diplomatic and civilian personnel from Kabul over the weekend after the Taliban advanced on the Afghan capita(...)

Afghans look on on Friday as Taliban militants gather around the main square after taking control of Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second biggest city. Photograph: EPA

Taliban insurgents have seized Afghanistan’s second- and third-biggest cities as resistance from government forces crumbled, stoking fears that an ass(...)

An Afghan National Army commando stands guard on top of a vehicle  in the Enjil district of Herat province on August 1st. Photograph: Hoshang Hashimi/AFP via Getty Images

Habiba was cooking in her home near an abandoned Nato base in the southern Afghanistan province of Kandahar when a police officer knocked on her door.(...)

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