Demonstrators erect a seven meter high “fracking rig” as they call for a ban on exploration and development of shale gas and coal bed methane in the UK.

Shale gas reserves in the north of England could supply the UK’s energy needs for years to come, scientists have declared, as warnings emerge that the(...)

Go home. It’s on the telly. Photograph: Tabatha Fireman/Redferns

In 1997, the BBC screened two hours of the Glastonbury festival. This year, from June 28th to 30th, more than 250 hours of coverage will be broadcast (...)

Alexanders: built like diagrams at a brainstorming session. Illustration:  Michael Viney

Smyrnium olusatrum suddenly appeared outside my window about a decade ago, bursting with vigour and raising its umbels in a pale greeny yellow that ap(...)

An advertisement for Clarks from a bygone era

“Keeping it in the family” doesn’t conjure up the image of dynamic and innovative enterprises and nor do the figures on family- run companies. (...)

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