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No bundling small children out of the house early in the morning – for many in-house childcare is the best solution

No bundling small children out of the house early in the morning; no breakneck dash to the crèche before it closes; no pretending children are well wh(...)

Jill McMahon and with her mother Zita: They both believe that being as open and upfront about Jill’s depression as they would be if it was a physical illness not only helps Jill in her recovery but can also contribute to the destigmatising of mental health issues. Main Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

When Zita McMahon heard that the eldest of her four children had been diagnosed with depression after a breakdown last March, her first reaction was t(...)

At a breastfeeding support group meeting in Lusk, north County Dublin were, from left to right, Emma Lericque with son Colin; Suzanne Webb with daughter Lucy Niland; Karolina McKittrick and son Jack; Anna Clarke with Jeremiah; Michelle Cannon with Leah-Joy; and Aine Conneff with Oisin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Irish mothers will breastfeed in public en masse in at least 14 different venues around the country this Saturday, as part of the international Quinte(...)

 Dr Stuart Brown at play: ‘It is probably no coincidence that humans are the most playful of all species. While the drive to play in adulthood is diminished, it does not disappear.’
The power of play

Everybody in the Dún Laoghaire shoe shop looked around as peals of delighted laughter rang out from a small boy posing with his big brother in front o(...)

Unequal parenting and a ‘responsibility gap’ when it comes to household chores can have a toxic effect on the relationship.Photograph: Getty Images

Marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall knows it is a message most parents do not want to hear, so he is not surprised to have become a target of abuse a(...)

Memorial: the church in Myshall, Co Carlow. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan
Memorial to a parent’s love

‘Hidden gem” may be an overused phrase, but both words are equally applicable to a small church in the Co Carlow village of Myshall, tucked into the f(...)

Niamh Curran, UCC student, and her mother, Rosarii, from Killurin,Co Wexford. Photograph:Mary Browne

With uniforms, homework notebooks and Leaving Certificate worries joyfully consigned to the past, starting college is both daunting and exciting. And (...)

Siobhan and Jim Boucher and their daughter, Rachael (7), at home at Castleknock, Co Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Cliff and Anne had been going out for only two months when he discovered through medical investigations at the age of 30 that he was probably infertil(...)

Stephanie Gratton, owner of the Crescent Creche in Monkstown, Dublin, with Gus Murphy (3), Harry Fuller (3) and Jamie White (4). Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Sickening scenes of little children being flipped over like rag dolls, toddlers trying to walk while strapped to chairs and vulnerable tots being swor(...)

Gráinne and Glenn McManus with sons, Conor (left) and Killian, at their home in Glasnevin, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

You don’t really grow up until you leave home. Of course you know that household bills have to be paid, food has to be put in the fridge and clothes d(...)

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