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Incredible doctors who want to stay in Ireland  are forced to leave because of their citizenship. Illustration: iStock

I always knew it would be hard to leave Ireland. From the moment I got here four years ago, I’ve felt at home. I can’t yet fully understand what it wa(...)

Chris Morrissey and Bridget Coll In 1999, when they were chosen as the grand marshals for Vancouver Pride in recognition of their advocacy. Courtesy of Chris Morrissey

At about 1pm on September 14th, 1983, a woman walked up to 1470 Borgoño, a notorious detention centre in Santiago where prisoners of the Chilean milit(...)

Dr Junying Liu, Prof Helen Sheridan, Dr Shipra Nagar and Dr Gaia Scalabrino.

Research into natural products is on the rise again as scientists in Ireland become 21st-century “medicine hunters” searching for ingredients for dru(...)

‘My body is where it wants to be’ says Joan Macdonald

Joan Macdonald has not always looked like a bodybuilder. At 71, she weighed 90kg (14st 4lb), and had rising blood pressure and kidney troubles. She wa(...)

Generation Homeless: first-generation immigrants make up a significant part of Canada’s homeless population. Photograph: Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty

In mid-1970s Belfast I worried about being blown to bits by a car bomb or murdered for a religion I didn’t practise. I left for a small town in rural (...)

Wildfires caused by extreme heat are increasingly a consequence of climate change. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

As the summer of 2021 unfolds, it is interesting to compare the response of the public and politicians to two very different crises, the Covid-19 pand(...)

Photograph: Stock photo/Getty Images

The invitation arrived with no time to spare. “Hi friends and family, We are trying to set a speed record for wedding planning.” Just two days later, (...)

  Ireland’s Aifric Keogh, Eimear Lambe, Fiona Murtagh and Emily Hegarty  pose with their bronze medals after the Women’s Four final   in Tokyo, Japan. Photograph:  Naomi Baker/Getty Images

They were more or less 200 metres from the finishing line when suddenly those fateful words from Aifric Keogh started racing around in my head. God kn(...)

What has been established to date by experts is that, broadly speaking, the risk to healthy children is very low. File photograph: Getty

Were Covid-19 shots meant only for adults and the vulnerable? So far they have been, but as the rollout proceeded and transmission of the disease re(...)

Wildfires in the drought-hit western United States and Canada are continuing to scorch vast areas. Photograph:  US Forest Service/AFP via Getty

We are experiencing a summer of weather extremes encapsulating heatwaves, wild fires and intense rainfall followed by flash floods. This has come in(...)

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