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‘Few media pundits in Australia ever imagined Trump’s campaign would ever end in victory.’ Photograph:  Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

Donald Trump securing his tenure at the White House has sent shock waves across Australia. The long and at times torturous phenomenon that is the US e(...)

Supporters of Hillary Clinton watch the election results roll in at her election night rally in Manhattan. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Donald Trump has been elected 45th president of the United States of America. Irish people living in the US have been sending us their reaction: below(...)

Jennifer Aho of LA, California

US presidential election years tend to bring a surge in applications from immigrants seeking to become American citizens so they can have a say in wh(...)

The closer the ties to Ireland, the less likely respondents were to vote for Trump with just 17 per cent of Irish-born respondents saying they would vote for the Republican compared with 42 per cent with “no connection” to Ireland who preferred him as a candidate. Photograph:  Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

One of the most striking aspects of a poll of Irish Times readers on whether they would vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is how closely they r(...)

Hillary Clinton polled particularly well among female respondents to an Irish Times online poll, but was less popular among young people. Photograph: Getty Images

Sixty-five per cent of Irish Times readers would vote for Hillary Clinton for president, according to the results of an online poll, with 23 per cent(...)

Donald Trump: ‘I can win, one way or another.’ Photograph: Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Republican Donald Trump said on Sunday the United States should consider more racial profiling, in response to a question about whether he supported g(...)