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Feelings of loneliness can be heightened at Christmas and the New Year. Photograph: iStockphoto

When preparing for college, we are cautioned about continuous assessment, and cheap vodka, but are unprepared for the heavy, suffocating feeling of lo(...)

Photograph: Deborah Ryan

Burned through your Christmas card money and have nothing to live on? That cash dollar that your relative sent, instead of buying an actual present, (...)

Harbour view in Nantucket. Photograph: Olivia Powell.

Christmas is long forgotten and 2018 is underway, which means its time to start planning summer adventures.  Firstly, if you are considering part(...)

The closing date for applications to The Irish Times' Graduate Programme is Wednesday, January 17th. Photograph: Dave Sleator/The Irish Times
Calling all graduates!

The Irish Times is calling on graduates to join its 2018/19 programme. The programme offers an exciting opportunity for graduates and soon-to-be-grad(...)

To give up your seat or not to give up your seat? That is the question. It is 8am on a rainy Tuesday morning, you have dragged yourself out of bed and(...)

Illustration by Rhea Cassidy. Courtesy of University Observer

Ag siúl le mála sceallóg i mo lámh. Deich nóiméad chun a trí. Ag smaoineamh faoi mo stór sa bhaile, Ach cloisim; “Here buddy, c’mere to me.” Casa(...)

Dava Newman and Gui Trotti. Photograph: Courtesy of the University Observer

Since the dawn of the human race, mankind has looked up at the night sky and wondered ‘what’s out there?’ The ancient Greeks and Romans saw the conste(...)

Photograph: iStockphoto

In recent years, both the American elections and Brexit sent shockwaves through the world. Thanks in part to eight years of Obama, and large steps for(...)

Photograph: iStockphoto
The Kings and Queens of UCD

Chess is one of the world’s oldest sports. Evolving into one of the world’s foremost games of strategy and analysis, it has enthralled millions. Howe(...)

The first thing that should be said on the issue of housing is very simple: these problems are nothing new. Any amount of research will show this, go (...)

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